High School Mother’s Journey: Overcoming Domestic Violence and Finding Freedom

**Title: “High School Mother and Father’s Story of Domestic Violence Sparks Outrage”**

**Subtitle: Ryu Hye-rin, a victim of repeated attacks by her husband, shares her harrowing experience on MBN’s ‘High School Mom and Dad 4 that Adults Don’t Know’**

**Photo Caption: MCs Park Mi-sun and Seo Jang-hoon express their anger on MBN’s ‘High school mother of a father unknown to adults’**

In a recent episode of MBN’s popular entertainment program ‘High School Mom and Dad 4 that Adults Don’t Know’, Ryu Hye-rin bravely shared her heartbreaking story of enduring domestic violence by her husband. Ryu, who hails from a broken family and lived with her sister, entered into a relationship with a man she met at work at the age of 23, eventually moving in together.

During one fateful evening, Ryu’s boyfriend, in a drunken state, resorted to violence and threatened her as a response to her nagging. Expressing shock at the incident, Park Mi-sun commented on the prevalence of such cases, saying, “It seems like more and more couples are facing similar situations these days.” Seo Jang-hoon agreed, remarking that alcohol should never serve as an excuse for such behavior.

Adding to the distressing situation, Ryu defended her boyfriend’s actions, shifting blame onto herself by stating, “I was beaten because I did something wrong.” When approached for help and advice by concerned acquaintances who urged her to end the relationship, Ryu remained steadfast in her support for her abusive partner.

The episode also revealed a later encounter with a new girlfriend of Ryu’s ex-boyfriend, who claimed to have no recollection of their aggressive encounter. Witnessing her ex-lover pleading on his knees, Lady Jane expressed her surprise, emphasizing the abrupt change in his demeanor. In response, Seo Jang-hoon, who was himself on the verge of marriage at the time of recording, challenged Lady Jane’s sympathetic stance, insisting that one cannot allow oneself to be weak, especially when preparing for marriage. Park Mi-sun echoed his sentiments, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries.

To everyone’s dismay, Ryu, who had forgiven her boyfriend’s actions, unexpectedly became pregnant. Determined to take responsibility for her child and her relationship, she registered her marriage with her boyfriend. However, the man’s drinking problem persisted, leading to further instances of assault and being forced to sleep while pregnant. Park Mi-sun expressed her concern, stating, “Though marital relations are permissible during pregnancy, a woman’s consent should always be valued.”

Following the birth of their child, Ryu’s husband continued to subject her to unreasonable demands and resorted to physical abuse, including slapping her. Furthermore, he belittled her efforts and tried to evade responsibility by dismissively asking if she expected him to take care of himself. Unable to endure the constant abuse, Ryu eventually made the heart-wrenching decision to divorce for the sake of her daughter, fleeing from her home. She revealed that she filed for divorce in 2021 and the process was finalized in 2022.

Park Mi-sun passionately spoke out against domestic violence, stating, “There should never be room for violence within a relationship.” Seo Jang-hoon expressed his astonishment, noting, “It is disheartening to hear such a devastating story.”

As Ryu Hye-rin’s courageous account shed light on the dark reality of domestic violence, it serves as a powerful reminder of the urgent need for society to address and eradicate this pressing issue.

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Maara Reporter, Money Today | 2023.08.03 06:17

/Photo = Broadcast screen of MBN’s ‘High school mother of a father unknown to adults’ MCs Park Mi-sun and Seo Jang-hoon were angry with the story of a high school mother who was attacked by her husband. On the MBN entertainment program ‘High School Mom and Dad 4 that Adults Don’t Know’, which was broadcast on the 2nd, Ryu Hye-rin, who was repeatedly attacked by her husband while pregnant, appeared.

Ryu Hye-rin, who lived alone with her sister after her parents divorced, developed a relationship with a man she met at work when she was 23 and began living with him. each other. Park Mi-sun was surprised, saying, “These days are so fast. It seems that there are so many couples who are starting to live together.”

One day, her boyfriend, who came home drunk, threatened Ryu Hye-rin with violence for her nagging. Park Mi-haul sighed, “Cut quickly. Are you coming like that because you drink?” Seo Jang-hoon also agreed, saying, “It’s not easy to do that just because you’ve been drinking.”

Ryu Hye-rin added grief by defending her boyfriend, saying, “I was beaten because I did something wrong,” to an acquaintance who told her to break up while asking for help to pick her up.

The girlfriend I met later said she couldn’t remember what she did. Seeing her lover on his knees pleading, Lady Jane said, “Suddenly, he looks miserable.” In response, Seo Jang-hoon urged Lady Jane, who was about to get married at the time of the recording, “You shouldn’t be so weak. A person who is about to get married.” Park Mi-haul also drew a line, saying, “It’s not like that.”
/Photo = MBN ‘Dad’s high school mother that adults don’t know’ broadcast screen Ryu Hye-rin, who forgave her boyfriend’s behavior, unexpectedly became pregnant. Ryu Hye-rin decided to have a child and said she would take responsibility for her boyfriend as well. Ryu Hye-rin became a couple with her boyfriend after registering her marriage. However, the lover’s drinking problem was not resolved, and he was assaulted or forced to sleep while pregnant. Park Mi-sun, who saw this, said, “You can have marital relations during pregnancy, but if a woman doesn’t want it, that’s fear.”

After giving birth, her husband made unreasonable demands, such as slapping her in the face, to increase the number of views. The man said, “You’re slapping me on the cheek. Are you asking me to live well on my own? What are you really doing? You’re just whining. Are you making my bed or doing me a favor? It’s really useless,” he insulted and even passed the responsibility on.

In the end, Ryu Hye-rin decided to divorce for her daughter and ran away from home. Ryu Hye-rin reported the latest situation that she filed divorce papers when separating in 2021 and that the divorce was finalized in 2022.

Park Mi-haul raised her voice, saying, “There should never be violence.” Seo Jang-hoon lamented, “It’s not easy to find such an amazing story.”

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