‘High School Rapper’ Kim Jae-ha buys Porsche… Don’t you have a license?

High school rapper Kim Jae-ha, who appeared on Mnet’s ‘High School Rapper 4’, bought a Porsche car and became a hot topic. /Photo = Kim Jae-ha’s Instagram

Kim Jae-ha, who appeared on Mnet’s ‘High School Rapper 4’, is attracting attention by authenticating the purchase of a Porsche worth 100 million won. Kim Jae-ha posted a photo on his Instagram on the 28th with the caption, “Who is the high school student who bought a car without a license?”

In the published photo, Jaeha Kim is standing next to a convertible car with a white body and a red roof exterior at a Porsche store. There is a paper on the Porsche windshield that means ‘SOLD’.

Kim Jae-ha was born in 2003 and is 18 years old this year. Although he has not yet obtained a driver’s license, he has already purchased an expensive foreign car with his first car. Senior rappers Changmo and Yeomda drew attention together by leaving congratulatory messages with comments such as “I’m happy”.

Jaeha Kim appeared in ‘High School Rapper 4’, a contest program for high school students that ended in April, and was eliminated from the semi-final contest. It belongs to Daytona Entertainment, a hip-hop label jointly founded by The Quiett and Yeomda.

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