High-Speed Car Crash Injures 15 People: Mini Car and Porsche Collide, Causing Chaos on the Road

High-Speed Car Crash Leaves 15 Injured in Chachoengsao

Two Luxury Cars Lose Control in Terrifying Accident

In a heart-stopping moment, a mini car veered out of control, skidded across lanes, and collided with a student’s car, resulting in injuries to 15 people. The incident occurred while a Porsche was also navigating the road, creating a catastrophic crash that even saw the vehicles crash through a nearby shop.

The chaotic scene unfolded as the luxury cars engaged in a high-speed race along the road. The mini car, before losing control, careened across lanes, ultimately crashing into a school bus traveling on a parallel road. Thankfully, although 15 students were injured in the accident, none of them sustained major injuries. The presence of the two speeding vehicles astonished the villagers, who had witnessed numerous accidents in the past. The calamity reached its zenith as the cars eventually came to a halt, causing substantial damage.

The Chachoengsao Police Station received a distressing report of a school bus collision involving two cars at approximately 5:00 PM today (June 23). The incident took place on Route 304, specifically in front of a convenience store located at Jiffy Village No. 10, Bang Phai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chachoengsao Province, just before the PTT gas station.

Upon arrival at the scene, authorities discovered a bronze Isuzu pickup truck, resting on its side in a parallel lane. Also present was a severely damaged bronze MINI Cooper car, parked diagonally, obstructing both lanes of traffic. The driver’s side door bore the brunt of the collision, with deployed airbags attesting to the force of impact.

The chaotic crash also involved a bronze Porsche, which lost control and slammed into a shop that sold fertilizers and cottage leaves by the roadside. The Porsche’s trajectory caused further damage as it collided with a red motorcycle, with another automobile also caught in the chaos.

15 Injured, Thankfully No Serious Conditions Reported

A total of 15 individuals sustained injuries in the crash, including 13 students, the school bus driver, and the mini-cooper sedan driver. Fortunately, most injuries were minor, consisting of body abrasions and swelling. Seven individuals were transported to Phutthasothon Hospital for further medical attention.

An investigation revealed that a 29-year-old named Mr. Krittamat was driving the MINI Cooper, while a 54-year-old named Mr. Anuchit was behind the wheel of the Porsche. The pickup truck that was involved in the incident was being driven by a 30-year-old named Ms. Nichanan, who was responsible for collecting students.

Witnesses, including the villagers who were driving behind the two cars and nearby bystanders, observed the incident and stated that the vehicles were speeding side by side. The vehicles lost control before the mini car crashed into the front of the school bus on the parallel road, subsequently colliding with each other as the other car veered off course.

Store Owner Shares Harrowing Experience

Mr. Sommai, the 37-year-old proprietor of the cottage leaf and fertilizer shop, recalled the terrifying ordeal. He mentioned that he was seated at a dining table in front of the shop when the incident occurred. The shop had two booths, and the luxury cars crashed into the store at an astonishing velocity, destroying the exterior booths in the process.

Prior to crashing into the shop, one of the cars struck Mrs. Laddawan, the 46-year-old mother-in-law of Mr. Sommai. The vehicle then careened into the interior of the shop, shattering the glass chamber.

Upon hearing the cries of injured students, nearby individuals promptly rushed to aid those harmed. Their immediate focus was on the student in the car that had sustained the most damage. Fortunately, the driver of the Porsche emerged unscathed.

Police Captain Bundit reported that the exact cause of the accident remains unknown. Authorities will thoroughly inspect the scene of the accident, including the presence of any CCTV cameras along the road. Preliminary reports indicate that none of the injured parties sustained severe injuries.

Revealing the thrilling moment, the mini car lost control, drifted across the lane, colliding with a student’s car, injuring 15 people, while a Porsche was driving along. crash through the shop

racing luxury cars take off together on the road Before losing control, he flew across the lane and crashed into the school bus on the parallel road. A total of 15 students were injured in the accident, but luckily none of them were in a serious condition. While the villagers had seen many incidents, the two of them were driving together at high speed. Finally in the end is damaged.

Today (June 23) at 5:00 pm, Chachoengsao Police Station Having received an accident report, a school bus was hit by 2 cars, causing many injuries at the location on Route 304, Chachoengsao – Kabin Buri. On the side outside in front of a convenience store Before reaching the gas station PTT, Jiffy, Village No. 10, Bang Phai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chachoengsao Province

The scene found an Isuzu brand bronze pickup truck, single section, 2 row, with a stainless steel roof covering the rear. Registration number 7932, Chachoengsao, lying on its side in a parallel lane.

With a bronze MINI Cooper car, registration number 7775, Bangkok, parked diagonally in front, covering both lanes of traffic in a collapsed condition, especially in the area of ​​the car on the right side of the driver’s door until the airbags working

There was also another car, a bronze Porsche, registration number 9933, Bangkok, which lost control and crashed into a shop selling fertilizers and cottage leaves on the side of the road. in the rush mode to the conservatory In which the front of the car also swept the red motorcycle Registration number 4769, Chachoengsao, stuck in front of the car, jumped inside with 1 other car

As for those injured, there were 15 people, 13 of them students, and one school bus driver and one mini-cooper sedan driver, most of them with minor injuries. There are swollen and abrasive wounds all over the body. where 7 people were taken to Phutthasothon Hospital

From the investigation, it is known that a small Cooper car is driven by Mr. Krittamat, aged 29, while a Porsche was driven by Mr. Anuchit, aged 54, and a pick-up truck being used to pick up students. Ms. Nichanan, aged 30, is a driver.

At the spot, villagers were driving behind the two cars and those on the side of the road saw the incident, saying that the two cars were driving at high speed side by side. Before losing control until the car flies out of the main channel inside

before the mini It will crash into the front of the school bus on the parallel road before colliding with each other. The other car went off course.

Mr Sommai, 37, the owner of a cottage leaf and fertilizer shop, said that although he was eating in front of the shop, which had 2 booths, he was sitting at the dining table in front of the shop. inside As for luxury cars, they crashed into the items in the store at high speed through the outside booths.

Before jumping into the shop, he also hit Mrs. Laddawan, 46, who is her mother-in-law. He then rushed into the inner glass chamber as seen.

After the incident, students heard screaming. Before he rushed to help the student car side first The driver of the Porsche was not injured.

Pol Capt said. Bundit that the exact cause of the accident is not yet known. whether according to the villagers who have seen the incident or not every driver must first inspect and will inspect the scene of the accident again whether there are CCTV cameras installed along the road or not Regarding those injured, it was initially known that none of them were seriously injured.

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