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From next week on the Epic Games Store,DAEMON X MACHINA]Seems to be distributed free of charge. It will be distributed from 1:00 on January 28th to 1:00 on February 4th. Once added to the library, you can play the game even after the distribution period is over.

* Steam version trailer

“Daemon X Machina” is a high-speed robot action game. The stage is a world where the existence of humankind is imminent, as AI robots used to reconstruct the world collapsed due to the fall of the moon have evolved themselves and have begun to revolt. It is a work that depicts the story of mercenaries running on the battlefield on board the humanoid external armor “Arsenal”. You can enjoy highly strategic robot actions such as stealing weapons and equipment from defeated enemies and fighting while customizing them on the spot, or fighting huge monsters using terrain and objects. The producer is Kenichiro Tsukuda of Marvelous. Shoji Kawamori is in charge of the mechanical design. It is developed by Marvelous 1st Studio, and Unreal Engine 4 is used as the game engine.

First of all, the same work released on Nintendo Switch will implement a battle mode and expand the cooperative play mode after its release. The content was being expanded. In February 2020, the Steam version was released for PC. You can play the game with higher resolution and higher frame rate than the Nintendo Switch version, and it was well received on Steam.

The PC version of “Daemon X Machina” will be released at the Epic Games Store on January 28th this month. It will be distributed free of charge as soon as it is released. As mentioned above, this work has multi-play content, but the Epic Games Store version and Steam version support cross-play. You can even invite your Steam version of your friends to play when you get it for free. The list price of the Steam version of “Daemon X Machina” is $ 59.99 (¥ 8580 for the domestic market). The Epic Games store version is $ 49.99, so it seems that the list price for Japan will be a little lower, but it is still expected to be over 5,000 yen, so it can be said that it is very profitable to get it for free.

The free distribution frame for this week is “Relecta”. A beautiful puzzle action game developed from a first-person perspective. It’s a good idea to get this when you go to the store. The PC version of “Daemon X Machina” will be distributed free of charge at the Epic Games Store from January 28th.

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