Highest number of confirmed cases, deaths, and severe cases… Saturated beds for critically ill patients

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The corona situation is getting more and more serious.

The number of new confirmed cases is around 5,300.

Again, this is an all-time high.

It also recorded the highest number of deaths and severe cases.

The most worrying thing is that the utilization rate of critical care beds across the country has exceeded 80% for the first time.

Hospital beds in the metropolitan area are virtually saturated and the sense of crisis is growing.

First of all, this is the report by Gu Min-ji.

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As of 00:00 today, there were 5,352 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, a new record high.

The death toll from Corona 19 recorded 70 for the first time, and the number of seriously ill patients hospitalized also increased to 700 for three days in a row, and today it increased to 752, the highest number since the Corona crisis.

More than 80% of patients with severe gastritis are elderly people who have been vaccinated relatively early.

[손영래/중앙사고수습본부 사회전략반장(어제)]

“If you look at the incidence of severe cases and deaths, about half of the elderly aged 60 years and older with weakened immunity because about 4 months have elapsed (after vaccination)…”

As the number of critically ill patients steadily increased, it took an emergency to secure a bed.

The utilization rate of intensive care beds nationwide has exceeded 80% for the first time, and the metropolitan area is virtually saturated, with 89.7% in Seoul and 87.1% in Gyeonggi, recording close to 90% of the total.

There are also about 900 patients who have been waiting for more than a day because they have not been assigned a bed, and 37% of them have been waiting for more than four days.

The same is true in non-metropolitan areas.

Daejeon and Chungbuk had only single digit remaining beds, and Sejong had no beds at all.

Although the government announced that it would openly recruit one hospital specializing in infectious diseases in the metropolitan area by the 13th of next month, it is having a hard time finding a place to accommodate critically ill patients right now.

[이재갑/한림대 감염내과 교수]

“It is urgent to designate a dedicated hospital or to reduce the scale of the epidemic because these parts take a lot of time, in the current situation…”

As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 and severe cases rapidly increased within one month of the implementation of the gradual recovery, the government will implement strengthened quarantine measures, such as limiting the number of people at private gatherings, starting next Monday.

This is Minji Gu from MBC News.

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