Highest number of new corona19 infections in China… Exceeded 29,000

The number of new COVID-19 infections in China has reached a record high.

According to the announcement of the Chinese quarantine authorities on the 24th, the number of new infections in mainland China the previous day was 29,754 (excluding 1,690 duplicates who were reclassified from asymptomatic to symptomatic).

This is 781 more than the previous record of 28,973 recorded on April 13, during the Shanghai lockdown.

Guangdong province had the highest number of 8,054, but it was 250 less than the previous day.

It was followed by Chongqing with 7,548, an increase of 682 since the previous day, and Sichuan (1,274) with an increase of 54.

Beijing, the capital, also had 1,622 people, 146 more than the previous day.

New infections in Xinjiang (961) and Hubei (946) also maintained an upward trend, approaching 1,000.

Shenyang, Northeast China’s largest city, entered a ‘blockade-type quarantine’ that strictly restricts population movement, such as PCR testing and closing highly populated facilities indoors, in nine downtown areas for five days from the same day.

Beijing also increased the intensity of quarantine, such as sealing an apartment complex where Corona 19 occurred the day before.

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