Highest paid MLB club in 33 years… Wealth tax alone reached 41.7 billion won

The New York Mets, who became the highest-paid club in MLB in 33 years, are expected to pay nearly $30 million (about 41.7 billion won) in wealth tax alone.

If you look at the salaries of 30 major league teams presented by the AP on the 20th (Korea time), the Mets will earn $273.9 million (3807.8 billion won) as their total salary this season until the end of the regular season this month. I reported to the MLB Secretariat that I was going to spend it.

The Mets became the highest paid team in 33 years since 1989, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers ($267.2 million), who held the highest paid team for two consecutive years.

In third place is the New York Yankees with $254.4 million invested.

Each club’s total wages estimated before the season and the total wages actually paid after the season starts are bound to vary due to several variables.

In fact, the Dodgers only need to pay $3.8 million of the $32 million they were required to pay pitcher Trevor Bower, who was suspended for two years by the MLB Secretariat in April for assaulting a woman.

The Mets earned a whopping 12.9 times their salary this year compared to 1989 ($21.3 million), when they finished first.

Mets ace Max Scherzer’s salary is $43.3 million, only $5 million less than the Oakland Athletics, one of the poorest clubs in the major leagues.

The combined annual salaries of the three Mets, including Scherzer, Jacob deGrom, and Francisco Lindor, are $103 million, and there are eight clubs with lower team salaries.

Since 2020, when hedge fund mogul Steve Cohen took over as owner, the Mets’ team payroll has steadily risen from $146 million to $199 million and this year to $273.9 million.

The Mets, who entrusted the battalion commander to veteran coach Buck Showalter, competed fiercely with last year’s World Series champion Atlanta Braves for first place in the National League East Division, before appearing in the postseason.

The Associated Press estimated that the average annual salary of the 40-man roster based on a wealth tax (equal competition tax) is $298.8 million, and that the Mets will pay $29.9 million in wealth tax.

The MLB Secretariat levies taxes at a fixed rate on teams whose gross salaries exceed a certain limit, and uses them for the overall balanced development of MLB.

Six clubs including the Mets, Dodgers ($29.4 million), Yankees ($9.4 million), Philadelphia Phillies ($2.6 million), Boston Red Sox ($900,000), and San Diego Padres ($800,000) this year pay a tax wealth

This is the second time the six teams have paid a wealth tax after 2016, and the Dodgers and Yankees are paying a wealth tax this year as they did six years ago.

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