[Highlight]Hosei University vs. Keio University | Six University Baseball

Hosei University 1-1 Keio University
Home run: None

Share 0.5 points without giving up each other.

Both right arms of Hosei University Takada Takada (④ Hiratsuka Gakuen) and Keio University Morita (③ Keio) start.
The first move is Hosei University. In the 2nd inning, 2nd death, 1st base, 7th Ogaki (② Kendai Takasaki) shoots a timely two base that breaks the middle right. However, when Keio University and the bases loaded with no death were seized, No. 7 Wakabayashi (③ Riseisha) released a timely shot in front of the left to equalize. Although it is still a chance to bases loaded, Hosei surpasses the pinch here in a triple play. After that, both universities will not take advantage of the chances of runners. The match ended with a draw without the hitting lines of both universities until the end.

Both universities drew without taking advantage of their chances.


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