Home Tech Highly rated fantasy action RPG “Eternal Radiance” will be officially released on Steam on December 15th. The final chapter has been added to support Japanese | AUTOMATON

Highly rated fantasy action RPG “Eternal Radiance” will be officially released on Steam on December 15th. The final chapter has been added to support Japanese | AUTOMATON

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Taiwanese indie game developer Visualnoveler has announced that it will officially release “Eternal Radiance” on Steam on December 15th. Early access has been available on Steam since April 2020, but a launch update will be delivered on December 15th. Along with the official release, the final chapter will be added and official support for Japanese will be made. In addition, the current price is 2050 yen, but the price increase has been announced at the time of official release.

“Eternal Radiance” is a fantasy action RPG in which a knight apprentice girl goes on an adventure to recover from her failure. The main character Celeste of this work is a knight apprentice girl who belongs to the Knights of Ash. Growing up in the Knights, she aimed to be a knight who could protect everyone, and she put a lot of energy into training.

One day, Celeste is summoned by Sir Zacharias and ordered to collect the artifacts instead of the entrance exam. Celeste travels alone to the site and discovers artifacts in the woods. However, while fighting to protect people from the monsters that have been ferocious by the artifacts, the found artifacts are taken away by bandits, and the recovery mission ends in failure. After returning to the Knights and reporting, Celeste decides to chase after the bandits himself, and decides to escape from the Knights and embark on a journey. Disappointment and determination. The world and reality we have seen in the Knights. Valana, a mercenary, and Ruby, a magician, also have their own purposes. While chasing the bandits, she discovers the world and confronts a great conspiracy.

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The knight apprentice Celeste fights with a combination of swordsmanship and magic. First of all, weak attacks and strong attacks are prepared, and basic actions such as rolling / guarding / jumping are possible, and battles using swordsmanship can be developed. In addition, there are MP-consuming abilities such as Azure Shot that shoots magic bullets, Ice Strike that combines ice magic and sword, and Heal that heals itself. Abilities can be learned by leveling up and can be equipped with up to 4 types. While recovering MP by a strong attack, fight against the enemy while avoiding the attack.

The field is inhabited by several different monsters in each region. Enemies with long-range attacks, medium-sized goblins that are hard to scare, etc. have properties that can not be ignored from the beginning, and if you are not careful, you may fall down in the middle of the road. Although the action of this work is not flashy or exhilarating, the game speed is relatively fast and the enemy also attacks firmly, so a simple but tense adventure as an action RPG is also a feature of this work. As the main story progresses, Celeste will have more travel companions to support Celeste on the field, and boss battles will be prepared in the story.

Every time Celeste level up, you can earn skill points. She has a skill tree that is divided into attack and defense, and it depends on skill points such as being able to repel enemy attacks with guard counters, increasing melee attack damage, strengthening abilities, etc. Also supports build. It also has elements that add options to the equipment by strengthening magic and further strengthen the status.

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As the story progresses and one act in the town, the game is developed in a novel format using illustrations and texts. Therefore, there is a large amount of text in this work. The beta version is compatible with Japanese prior to the official release, and as far as I played the beta version, the text is translated into Japanese in every corner, and the story is finished in a quality that can be read in Japanese. Was there. As for the illustrations, not only the main characters including Celeste are cutely finished, but also the characters appearing in the subquest have beautiful illustrations. You can see Celeste’s adventure in Japanese not only in the action but also in the story.

As the name implies, Visual noveler, who is developing this game, is a Taiwanese indie game developer who has developed beautiful girl novel games such as “Ascendant Hearts” and “Anime Studio Simulator”. In this work, after two failed crowdfunding campaigns and a third success, early access on Steam started in April 2020. Inspired by traditional JRPGs, it is said to have been developed with the aim of creating a nimble, humorous yet compelling story. In the early access stage, it has been very well received by 220 user reviews, although there are expectations for the future.

“Eternal Radiance” will be officially released on Steam on December 15th. Along with the official release, Japanese support and the addition of the final chapter are planned. Also, it seems that a PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch version is planned for the latter half of 2021.

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