“Highway” ready to open freeway 3 Songkran routes 12-18 April.

A news report from the Department of Highways (Tor Lor.) informs that, in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Transport, agencies under the Act are ordered to prepare a plan to facilitate people’s travel during the Songkran Festival 2023 between 11-17 April 2023 . and a total of 7 days, with the Ministry of Transport requesting to waive toll fees on the intercity freeway (Freeways) in the number of 2 routes, namely Freeway No. 7 Bangkok – Map Ta Phut and Freeway No. 9 Bang Pa-in – Bang Phli and Freeway No. 9 Phra Pradaeng – Bang Khun Thian during Songkran Festival 2023 from 00:01 on April 12, 2023 until 24:00 from the date 18 March 2023, a total of 7 days

This is to encourage people to travel more conveniently and quickly. Help to solve traffic congestion in front of the checkpoint, however, is expected to reduce the burden of public expenses from the toll exemption during Songkran 2023, totaling about 175 million baht, or an average of 25 million baht per day.

In addition, Motorway No. 6 (M6) will be opened for service, Bang Pa-in – Nakhon Ratchasima, between Pak Chong District – Sikhio District – Kham Talay So District, a distance of 64 km, temporarily free between 12 -18 April 2023, a total of 7 days, to Facilitate people to travel during the Songkran Festival 2013 and reduce the amount of traffic on Highway No. 2 (Mittraphap Road).

Nakhon Ratchasima Highway District 2, which is in charge of the area, is preparing to open the M6 ​​service during Songkran Festival 66 by bringing officials to inspect the route. Cut the grass on both sides of the road, signal systems and various signs to be ready for use. Initially, it will open a one-way (one-way) service on the inner side of Bangkok. (On the turbine side opposite Lam Takhong Dam, 2 channels out of 4 channels, divided into Bangkok departures on 12-14 April. 23, a total of 3 days, and enters Bangkok on 15-18 Apr. 23, a total of 4 days

Initially, service hours are between 6:00 am and 12:00 pm and will be extended to 24 hours if traffic on Mittraphap Road is heavy. Currently, the volume of traffic on Mittraphap Road is 50,000 vehicles per day during the week. 70,000-80,000 cars per day and long holidays 100,000-120,000 vehicles per day The M6 ​​is expected to help reduce traffic on Mittraphap Road by no more than 25,000 vehicles per day.

As for the way up and down, there are 3 points: 1. Around the stray dog ​​shelter area. Nakhon Chai Burin, Km. 65, Mittraphap Road, Nong Sarai Sub-district, Pak Chong District, 2. Sikhio Sub-district, Sikhio Sub-district, intersection with Highway No. 201 (Sikhio-Chiang Khan) Km. 5+500 and 3. Kham Area Thale So District between M6 and Highway No. 2068 (Khok Kruat – Non Thai), range km.8+607, Ban Phuang Phayom district, Kham Thale So

In addition, prepare to coordinate relevant agencies to establish service points. Facilitating motorists to help in the event of an accident such as an accident, a broken car, or an emergency. and traffic management Including the provision of a bathroom point as well, repeating that the service is only allowed for 4-wheeled personal vehicles, such as sedans, pick-up trucks, for safety. And motorbikes (Motorcycles) don’t give up. Ask for the cooperation of those who use the route to strictly follow the traffic rules. In particular, the speed on the route should not exceed 80 km per hour, Parking and taking pictures is strictly prohibited. for safety and orderly traffic management


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