Home Entertainment Hikakin Despair 3.08 million yen Baccarat Pikachu purchase … 10 hours later “Ahahaha-n!” “Ended”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Hikakin Despair 3.08 million yen Baccarat Pikachu purchase … 10 hours later “Ahahaha-n!” “Ended”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

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Popular YouTuber HIKAKIN showed a high-class object in the shape of Pikachu of “Pokemon” by luxury brand “Baccarat” in the video on November 19, 2021. The price is 3.08 million yen. HIKAKIN was excited, but confessed that it had been damaged in less than a day.



3.08 million yen Crystal Pikachu

On this day, HIKAKIN updated the video with the title “[End of life]Baccarat’s 3.08 million yen glass Pikachu was destroyed immediately after opening …”. He was happy to say that he had purchased three crystal glass objects released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pokemon.

Poke Ball (49,500 yen), Pikachu (55,000 yen), and music producer and fashion designer Hiroshi Fujiwara worked on the purchase of three items, Pikachu for 3.08 million yen, which was produced only for 25 bodies worldwide. Introduction. “This is a treasure! I think it’s worth it!”

Also, “I think it’s normal to think that 3.08 million yen is” eh !? It’s expensive! “, But I think it’s probably super rare and valuable, so keep it carefully so that it doesn’t crack or crack. I don’t want to, so I’d like to decorate it somewhere! ” However, 10 hours after opening the most expensive Pikachu object, HIKAKIN’s slight carelessness will cause damage.

Damaged after 10 hours “finished …”

When the cuts of the video were switched, HIKAKIN, who was still lying down, said, “Pikachu broke! It broke in 10 hours after opening! I mourned first.

The video just after it was broken is also released. When I put my toes on the table, I heard that the timing and the way of setting the center of gravity were wrong, and there was a “missing” sound, and Pikachu’s toes were missing.

“When I put it on the table, I put it from the side of my foot and it was a bit messy … it was over … 3.08 million yen … it was over …” “I dropped my 2.2 million yen wallet. HIKAKIN lamented, “It’s sadder than time.”

“I’m looking for a clothing company who specializes in sucking such glass … I’d like to fix it in the near future,” he declared to find a repair method. “To make this my despair a plus, you should be alert to important figurines, glass and fragile things,” through this video.


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