Hikakin gets swearing while buying a lottery ticket for 1 million yen … Impressed by the response “It’s kind to me even if it’s cut off”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

On January 16, 2022, YouTuber Hikakin released a video on the official YouTube channel “HikakinTV” to purchase a million yen worth of jumbo lottery at the end of the year, and in that scene, the general public who was present at the shooting site was swearing. was there.

  • Hikakin


  • Hikakin

“What are you doing !? Hey!”

In the video released under the title of “Buy 1 million yen worth of jumbo lottery at the end of the year and win 1 billion yen for 1st prize.[Hikakin TV]” buy. He boasted that he would win a total of 1 billion yen in prize money, including the first prize and the front and back prizes.

An incident happened while shooting this video. That was when Hikakin visited the famous lottery counter in Ginza, Tokyo, after getting permission to shoot in advance. On that day, there was a long line waiting for three hours at the sales floor.

When the salesperson at the lottery counter tried to check the number of tickets, Hikakin stopped saying, “Maybe it’s okay. I’m going to have to wait, so I’ll wait for the person behind me.” However, the man who was lined up behind him said, “What are you doing !? Hey!” And “It’s not yours!” To Hikakin, and the shooting was interrupted.

“You didn’t win the lottery!”

After returning home, Hikakin said, “That old man! I’m sorry, I have a bad mouth.” “I was sick. To the old man behind me.” Then, it’s about to come. I’m short-tempered! ” And Hikakin shouted in his heart, “You didn’t win the lottery!” However, in reality, he said, “I’m sorry!”

In the comment section, “It’s kind to not get angry even if a strange old man complains” “Mr. Hikakin who is kind to me even if it’s cut off” “Gently respond to being sharpened …. God?” The response to nuisance customers is perfect, isn’t it? A genius. “

As a result of Hikakin’s lottery, the maximum winning amount is 50,000 yen, such as 4th grade, and there are no high-priced winnings. The total winning amount was 299,200 yen, and I was disappointed just because I was aiming for a big winning.




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