Hikari Tanabe with a male professional as a caddy to attack the course with “two professionals”[Taith Menywod Domestig LPGA]| GDO Golf Digest Online

◇ Domestic Women ◇ QT Final Stage Day 3 (1st) ◇JFE Setonaikai GC (Okayama) ◇6442yd (par 72)

Hikari Tanabe, who comes from Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, which is next to the venue, commutes from her parents’ house, which is about a 40-minute drive from the course. In addition, she competed with Saki Nagamine, who won the 2020 Japan Women’s Professional Golf Championship held on the same course, and came second, one stroke behind her. This is one of the reasons why I am here. “Because I was able to commute from my parents’ house, I also did four practice rounds,” he said, getting ready and fully boarded.


On the third day, starting from the 27th, he sank an 8m birdie putt on the 2nd (par 5) of the first half to gain momentum, and on the 5th, he landed a 120 yard 9I 2nd to 1m, and the 8th (par 3) So I decided to put 3.5m and extend my score.

Even in the second half when the strong wind started blowing, he took in a chip birdie on the 15th hole and summed it up as “35”. “I was able to achieve the goal today of 4 under par,” he said proudly of the good score.

In addition, there is also an encouraging partner by his side. “I know this course very well,” said Yuji Sekito, a second-year junior high school student from the same town. Sekito, a male professional golfer, said, “Unlike professional caddies, they take insurance from a player’s perspective and control while providing insurance. They give me detailed instructions on distance, wind, and number, so I can hit without thinking about unnecessary things. I concentrate on the whole.” Two advantages combine to tackle a familiar course.

“I hope we can play under par tomorrow. We will face the remaining 18 holes to acquire the right to take part in the first half of the regular tour next season. (Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture / Koshiro Uchiyama)



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