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Hilarious! Pheu Thai MPs propose Khunying Potjaman to sit as party leader control the election battle

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Open the content “video clip” in the middle of the party. Pheu Thai MPs, suggesting “Khunying Potjaman” to sit as the party leader to fight the election battle. Hope to be a magnet to attract old subordinates back while “Thaksin” cuts the role of “Khun Ying”, does not like politics In the past, I fell down the stairs

Today (Oct. 17), a source from the Pheu Thai Party revealed that Last weekend One of the MPs of the Pheu Thai Party Send video clips to online groups Pheu Thai Party MPs This is a clip of the atmosphere of a party of MPs and party executives that have been held recently, with former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Video call to talk to MPs of the party

However, the content in the clip is during which Mr Thaksin gave the participants an opportunity to ask questions. Mr. Krieng Kalpatinan deputy party leader and leaders of the Northeastern region from Ubon Ratchathani Province get up and inquire about the possibility of giving Khunying Potjaman Na Pomphet (Damapong) Thaksin’s ex-wife Become the leader of the Pheu Thai party to lead the party in the next election battle. because if Ying Pojaman took the position Believed to be a magnet to attract old followers. come back all

“If Ying (Potjaman) promised to become the party leader, what would Boss (Thaksin) say?” Mr Krieng asked Mr Thaksin. Among the cheers and applause of the participants

When Thaksin heard the question, he smiled and replied: “Khunying Potjaman is the one who dislikes politics the most. But in the past, I fell down the stairs and jumped.”

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Mr Thaksin also added that “Young lady is probably too old. and if absolutely not necessary Khunying won’t ask for politics because she doesn’t like it. The second is that she is not good at speaking. I’m not good at speaking in front of a lot of people. to be the chairman of the meeting But going up and giving a speech on the stage to greet the people, why not?”

At the end of the clip, Mr Thaksin said “I have several approaches. Ensure that each approach MPs considering leaving Got his money have to return the tank This trip must win Land Slide. because normal win It’s not a government. If land slides, it doesn’t dare to be a government must take a land slide that doesn’t dare to be a government”

However, the news report stated that Shortly after the video clip was shared The clip file was deleted from the group. Pheu Thai Party MPs finished


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