Hilariously, Police Captain Ying resigned to travel the world, explaining the reason was that he did not hate the investigative work.

The social world flocks to share documents Police Captain Ying resigns from the police force to travel the world. Explain the reason in detail. I have done it for 2 years. Not that I like it, but.

Today (March 24), Facebook fan page Node Trend reports that the online world has shared documents requesting the resignation of the government of the post of Lieutenant Colonel of Police (Female), Deputy Police Station (investigation). Including the position of the working group to advise and assist police officers with debt problems of the Phetchabun Provincial Police Savings Cooperative Limited, dated March 20, 2023, which will request resignation from April 30, 2023.

Police Captain Ying explained the reason for her resignation, saying she wanted to go out and live the life she wanted. Go out and travel the world in different places. to find new experiences to meet genuine people AND also help people who really need help.

Confirm that past working in the investigative system for 2 years, hating work in such duties and still feeling investigative work is fun work Get the vacations you want and be able to carry work to different places

But this two-year inquiry system does not feel harmonious. Research collaboration You can hardly feel the warmth in the workplace. I’m not happy here. Think where you are and you are not happy you should take yourself away from that point believe that no one can stay in the same place all the time If you want something better