Hilo 32+6 Butler 25+15 Heat beat Wizards Wagner to cut 38+7, Magic lost to Bucks_Hit_NBA_Butler

Original title: Hilo 32+6 Butler 25+15 Heat overwhelming Wizards Wagner cut 38+7, Magic lost to the Bucks

On December 29th, Beijing time, the Heat beat the Wizards at home 119-112 and ushered in a 4-game winning streak. Hiero had 32 points and 6 rebounds, Dunro had 26 points, Butler had 25 points, 8 rebounds, 15 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks, and the number of assists was a career high in a single game; the Wizards lost two consecutive games, Dingwiddie 24 points, 7 rebounds and 11 assists, Kuz Ma 22 points and 7 rebounds, Gafford 16 points and 11 rebounds, Bertans 19 points.

Game review

In the game, Kuzma flew Butler from outside the three-point line, hit the basket and sent a two-handed dunk. Dun Luo fired from outside the three-point line in response, and Kuzma broke through and scored a 2+1 layup. . Vincent scored a three-pointer, Deng Luo scored and Ute Seven dunked from the basket, Kuzma, Dun Luo hit three-pointers successively. Then the two teams chose to attack the opponent’s basket, Butler continued to beat the Wizards. Bertans stopped the bleeding from a super long three-pointer, Deng Roma returned to the color, and Shiro made a successful jumper on the field. In the last attack of this quarter, Shiro made a three-pointer against his opponent. The first quarter ended, the Heat 38 -24 Wizards.

In the second quarter, Hiero held the ball and advanced until Martin broke through and staged a one-arm slam dunk. Ding Weidi attacked the basket and scored 2+1. Hiero and Martin responded with two gliding layups. Garford put in a second offense at the basket, Vincent also had a three-pointer, and the Heat led by 16 points. Kispert broke through the basket and was directly capped, and Kuzma succeeded in throwing a shot while on the move. Kispert’s three-pointer was directly blocked by Butler, Dinwiddie made a three-pointer, and Shiro also made a three-pointer to break the deadlock. Sward counterattacked and succeeded in chasing the basket, Hiero hit a three-pointer again, and Garford jumped into the basket. At the closing stage of this section, Butler assisted Dun Luo to shoot a three-pointer, halftime, the Heat 65-51 Wizards.

Ding Weidi took the ball to the three-second zone and flew to the opponent again. Deng Luo made two three-pointers and one attacking the basket with 8 points. Afdia stopped the bleeding with a three-pointer, but Deng Luo hit again. With three points, he scored 11 points in a single quarter to help the Heat lead 21 points! Butler consecutively assisted Ute Seven, then steal a one-stop two-handed dunk, Ding Weidi rode and archery difficult to break the deadlock, but he was dissatisfied with the penalty and complained about a T.

Martin scored a layup, Kuzma assisted Bertans to hit a three-pointer, Dingweidi and Bertans also scored three-pointers, the Wizards chased with 19 points. After a timeout, the Heat played a three-man team. Shiro held the ball to the air cut Butler, who faked a pass and assisted Okpala to put in the basket. Dingwiddie scored a three-pointer and Bertans also had an air cut. The third quarter ended. , The Heat 91-73 Wizards.

In the last quarter of the game, Bertans and Vincent hit three points one after another, Hiero withdrew from Afdia’s defense and then shot in. Hilo then fouled and went to the free throw line and made two free throws to get the 30th spot in the field. point. Kespert missed three consecutive points, Johnson grabbed an offensive rebound and drove his opponent to a 2+1 score, and then Gafford also made a 2+1 tipping, Dingwiddie also made a three-pointer, and the Wizards chased it. 13 points to stop the Heat.

Afdia hit a three-pointer, and the Heat suddenly suffered a scoring drought, until 3:27 seconds Butler singled out Ding Weidi to stop the bleeding from the middle distance. Kisport made a three-pointer from the bottom corner and the Wizards had 8 points left. Butler made a mid-range shot. Kuzma turned to the basket and turned to the basket. Butler singled out his opponent and made a mid-range shot. Garford dunks 2+1 under the long pass. At 1 minute and 03 seconds, Butler broke through with Garford and was fouled. He boarded the free throw line and made two free throws. Kisport and Kuzma still have three points, but the Heat will keep the lead until the end, and finally beat the Wizards without any risk to get 4 consecutive victories.

Starting lineup

Wizards: Dinwiddie, Kisport, Avdia, Kuzma, Gafford;

Heat: Vincent, Butler, Dunlow, Martin, Ute Seven

On December 29, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued. The Milwaukee Bucks challenged the Orlando Magic in an away game. The Bucks led by 29 points at most, and the Magic chased to within 10 points next time under the leadership of Jr. Wagner. Antetokounmpo helped the team to stabilize the position and finally beat the Magic 127-110 and achieved four consecutive victories.

For the Bucks, Antetokounmpo had 28 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, Middleton 21 points, Portis 19 points and 7 rebounds;

The Magic suffered a three-game losing streak. Wagner had 38 points and 7 rebounds, Carter had 19 points and 10 rebounds, and Harris had 13 points.

Game review

After the game started, Carter hit a jumper, Holiday scored 4 points in a row, Lopez Jr. scored with a hook, Antetokounmpo scored from the basket, Gravette and Lopez Jr. scored respectively, Harris also scored a layup, Portis Hit a three-pointer, small Lopez hit the hook again, Middleton hit a three-pointer, the two teams tied for 13. Then Wagner scored a layup, Middleton scored 5 points in a row, Wagner scored a three-pointer, Holiday made a jumper, Connaughton made a three-pointer, Wagner also scored a three-pointer, and Di Vincenzo scored 3+ 1. The Bucks lead by 6 points. Immediately after Connaughton also hit a three-pointer, Gillespie scored a hook, Antetokounmpo hit a shot, and the Bucks led 32-24 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Matthews hit a three-pointer, Hampton dropped a throw, Portis made two three-pointers in a row, then Hill also made two three-pointers in a row, Antetokounmpo scored a layup, and the Bucks made a 17-2 climax. . Then Wagner scored 4 points in a row, Carter scored an offense, Portis made a three-pointer, Wagner and Carter scored separately, Cousins ​​scored from the basket, Cousins ​​was blown for a technical foul, Connaughton and Di Wenqin Zoe scored separately, Lopez Jr. scored a hook, Hampton made a tip, and Connaughton scored at the basket. The Bucks led by 19 points. Immediately after Middleton hit a three-pointer, Cousins ​​scored from the basket, Harris offensively succeeded, Portis scored 4 points in a row, Antetokounmpo made a free throw, Carter succeeded in a dunk, and the Bucks led 72-45 at the end of the first half.

Easy side and Carter made two free throws, Middleton made a successful throw, Antetokounmpo dunked, Harris hit a three-pointer, Wagner Jr. scored 7 points in a row, Gravette hit a three-pointer, Carter scored 5 points in a row, the Magic The difference was reduced to 10 points. Then Antetokounmpo made two free throws, Allen hit a three-pointer, Jr. Wagner scored a free throw, Cousins ​​scored from the basket, Jr. Wagner scored again with a layup, Harris made two free throws, Cousins ​​made a three-pointer, and Middel Dunk succeeded, Holiday scored an offense, Harris and Wagner made three-pointers respectively, and the Bucks led 91-78. Then Antetokounmpo scored 4 points in a row, Wagner scored 4 points in a row, Divincenzo scored a free throw, and the Bucks led 97-82 at the end of the three quarters.

Gillespie made a layup in the final quarter, Antetokounmpo scored 4 points in a row, Fraser hit a three-pointer, Antetokounmpo responded with a three-pointer, Hampton’s offensive score, Middleton made a throw, and Wagner scored 5 points in a row. , Frazier scored a layup, Wagner made a throw and scored again, Middleton made a mid-range shot, and the Bucks led by 11 points. Then Holiday scored offensively, Hampton and Carter hit three-pointers respectively, Holiday and Middleton scored respectively, then Holiday hit three-pointers, Antetokounmpo dunked, and the Bucks sealed the victory.

Both sides start

Bucks: Middleton, Antetokounmpo, Portis, Allen, Holiday

Magic: Little Wagner, Carter, Little Lopez, Harris, GravetReturn to Sohu to see more


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