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“Ogiyahagi’s favorite car itinerary NO CAR, NO LIFE!” Broadcast on Saturday, June 26! (9: 00-9.54 after BS Nippon Television) introduces recommended cars to Ryoko Moriyama, who is considering replacement.

Moriyama appeared by holding the steering wheel of his car “Lexus LS600h”. It’s said to be “the best car I love,” but I’ve been riding it for 10 years as a work car, and I’m thinking about buying a new one. For Moriyama, who says, “I’ve been worried about what to do for about three years,” Ogiyahagi and Kei Takeoka, a car critic, will make full use of their knowledge and introduce recommended cars.

Moriyama’s requests are “environmentally friendly,” “cool and exciting,” and “comfortable riding.” The first recommended car is the electric car version of that global German car. This car recommended by Ogi is perfect for the condition of being “environmentally friendly” and has a cruising range of 400 kilometers. It is a dream machine with outstanding safety, steering stability, and comfort. Moriyama also fell in love with the appearance, saying that the wheels were cute. However, at this point, he said, “In the end, I have to decide which car Ogi likes …”, and he glances at his son-in-law, Ogi.

Moriyama said about Ogi at home, “I’m noisy about the condiments when I eat rice.” On the other hand, “He told me a nice and heartwarming story … Sometimes,” Wait a minute “and cry.” He says that there are some aspects that cannot be imagined from the cynical artistic style of Ogi.

Last year, Ogi also gave a cool story on the day he was hospitalized for surgery for renal cell carcinoma. While talking, it becomes clear why Ogi is so noisy with condiments.

While Moriyama talks about Ogi’s “good person episode,” Ogi asks Moriyama. It’s about my wife and Moriyama’s parent and child. Ogi, who tends to take a blunt attitude toward the two, confesses his worries, saying, “I’ve been ridiculed by my daughter …” and complains about the danger of losing the dignity of my father.

A total of four cars were presented to Moriyama on that day. Following the electric car, Ogi also introduced a British luxury sports car. He said that he chose “the one I want to ride completely” because he wanted to ride it, but will there be a car that Moriyama likes?

Moriyama, who turned 73 this year, is energetic and energetic in his musical activities, but his driving is also endorsed by an expert. Regarding the return of the license, he said, “I wondered what to do a while ago,” but he said that he was praised for handling the steering wheel and reflexes in the training for the elderly. It is said that the staff often drive the car, but it seems that it will be a long time before the steering wheel is released.

“Ogiyahagi’s favorite car itinerary NO CAR, NO LIFE! 』
BS Nippon Television
June 26, 2021 (Sat.) after 9・00~9・54

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