His episode was the most insane yet. We got Bill Hader to explain how they made it.

His episode was the most insane yet. We got Bill Hader to explain how they made it.

Bill Hader stars in "Barry" as a depressed hitman who finds inspiration in the acting class. (Isabella Vosmikova / HBO)

“Barry” and think, “Uh – what did I just watch?”

Don't worry. You're off from alone.

"Barry". T "Barry". T Then the messages started in. , Oh, my God. . . what the hell was that ?! ”

Look away if you dont want spoilers, but the Emmy-winning HBO dramedy unusually violent with this episode. Murced his former partner, Detective Moss (Paula Newsome). But. . . twist! Would kill Loachʼs ex-wife's new lover.

That Brother Barry, in Episode 5, Daniel (Bern Bernt). Desperate to get out of killing business, Barry Ronny, though, is the best.

Y daughterse Jes (yyy ((((((((((Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes Jes.

Lily stabs Barry with kitchen knife; she scales and tree and jumps on a roof; she takes a bite out of Fuches's cheek (played by Stephen Root); and hisses and screams (“like a feral mongoose,” Barry says) while drenched in his blood. Supplies and supplies. Ronny. TRonny. T And then tries to kill Barry. But the not-dead-yet Ronny kick. And then, go to miraculous escape.

Beyond the violence, the tense half-hour t We have black-out visions, and whether Lily is indeed human.

(This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.)

Does Barry really think. . . that Ronny will be in the car and everything will work out?

Hader: Yes, it's terrible. It is a terrible, terrible idea. (Laughs.) . . . The slow reveal of who Ronny actually was a lot of fun.

As soon as Barry walks in the door and all those teakwondo trophies. . .

Hader: I like that Barry asks, “Whose trophies are these?” On the slight chance they’re not his.

I think, “I thought,“ I thought, “I thought,“ I thought, “I thought it was a good thing,” she thought, [industry jargon for an episode using a limited number of characters, sets or scenarios] where everyone was just fighting the whole time.

Hader: It’s a couple things. Barry kill him; but Barry is on this mission. And this has to go wrong some way. Barry would be in the clear. So those were the objectives.

. . . The second thing that Wade Allen, our stunt coordinator, who's amazing, said, “ Barry in a house. t And I had her running, and that was kind of it. Ronny, and I just went, “Oh, my God, the little girl, that's his daughter. Oh, this is good; okay, t

. . . When [the writers] read it, they do not like it, why doesn’t he just push her off his face? Then we said, “Oh, well, it uses superglue to do the stitches.” And everyone started laughing.

Ronny in the grocery store and says something like, “I have a guy literally to Chicago. ”

Hader: (Laughs.) Alec Berg [the co-creator]"Hey!" t. t "Hey! . T

Did this take longer to film?

Hader: No, but it was more prep time. The house of Ronny and Lily's house was her stage. There crew,, girl,,,,,,,, iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling iling So It was a big operation.

So, the little girl – is she human?

Hader: I dont know if she's human or not. “What ARE you?” T (Laughs.) I like it screams at them at the end. (Imitates Lily's howl.)

When she had all that blood challenge, I was really wondering whether she was some sort of supernatural creature.

Hader: Real. T . . but it´s like, what was he rowing that kid? … But she definitely loves. T Jessie is a great actress, too.

When Barry confronts Ronny at the grocery store. . . what he was going to do about what was happening?

Hader: Yeah, he’s not thinking straight. . . . he'ss trying to be undercover. And, then that is a comedy thing! [store employee] notices. Like, “You've got blood all over; you look here suspicious. ”Then that guy gets knocked out, and good look at Barry. The cops are more focused on Ronny, because he just kicked Loach, so [Barry] kind of always like a weird ghost.

What is the biggest problem in this episode?

Hader: Step by step. Ots unt production production

. . . And when the stitches blow up, I felt like, “Ugh, really, I have to do this?” like, the stitches are really different, because they are all different colors because they've got one of those things. And then they just soon break. The worst stitches on earth.

A Barry? S journey and evolution a character?

Hader: I think it's a big episode for Barry's relationship with Fuches. Fight, you know? So that's Why Barry passes out, and we do we do thought i shouldnt These He has little daydreams of coming home from the war. . . and that was evil. Someone who is using him.

You see that in this episode. Barry's in pain, he's been stabbed, he's bleeding, he's like, “I'm gonna die.” The first thing he says, Really bad, bad, ”and Fuches says,“ It is done? Did you kill him? ”And then he's like,“ I don't want to get into trouble. ” T himself.

So, it 's Barry, I think it' s. That was an important part of the puzzle. When I first pitched this to Alec, he was like, “Thatʼs cool. . . . "I know what it 's going to be! It doesn't push the emotional story forward at all, and it's up to that.

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