His Highness won the fight with Chatthawee Suek 9 Muaydee Withithai

Weighing results and looking at the torso in the Battle of 9 Muay Dee Withhai on Saturday, January 14, this pair of Ek Songchana, T. Buralee, meets Chattawee Jeabramintra, coordinate 129 pounds at Jitmuangnontok Boxing Stadium 3 states Nonthaburi, start broadcasting live from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Channel 9 is shooting live

Thai boxing “Suek 9 Muay Dee With Thai Way” Saturday, January 14, 2023, organized byChampion Mr Somchit Wankaew organized under COVID-19 control measures In which the main pair is a meeting between Songchana T. Burzli (red) meet Chattawee Jeabraminthra (blue) in the coordinates of 129 lbs

weighing results

Pair 1. Coordinates 104 lbs

🔴 Apprentice VIP Sergeant Ton, weighing 103.8 pounds, missing 0.2
🔵 Jade Petch, apprentice to elder Khamla (Wor. Suksuk), weighs 103.6 pounds, missing 0.4

Pair 2. Coordinates 139 lbs

🔴 Phet Saengthian, T. Sangthiannoi (Bruchlee Subdistrict), weighing 138.5 pounds, missing 0.5
🔵 Chanasak Pumpanmuang, weighing 139.2 pounds, reducing by 0.2

Pair 3. Coordinates 129 lbs

🔴 Superball Sityodtong (Sit Chor.) weighs 129 pounds as much as the coordinates
🔵 Pet Phayathai Sangmorakot (Sor Nakhon Tum, Tewan Pochana) weighs 129.6 pounds, reducing by 0.6

Pair 4. Coordinates 129 lbs

🔴 His Highness, T. Bruce Lee (T. Saeng Thian Noi), weighs 129.5 pounds, reducing 0.5
🔵 Chatthawee Jeab Ramintra (Sorn Narai Apichat Muay Thai Gym) weighing 129 pounds, equal to the coordinates




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