“Hisense” Big Sale at Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale

“Hisense” Big Sale at Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale

Date 03 Dec 2021 time 14:38

“Hisense” carries a large army of electrical appliances At an affordable price, organize a promotion, discount up to 60%, as a gift for shoppers during the new year in Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale.

Mr. Chanchai Phantupak, Director of Sales and Marketing, Hisense International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed that from the success that Hisense was able to become the number 1 large home appliance brand that was able to win the hearts of people. Consumers up to 3 campaigns in a row, which is one of the guarantees of the quality and innovation of Hisense products. that can answer all the needs of consumers perfectly Without such success, it will not happen at all. Without a key e-commerce partner like Shopee who has always supported us fully. Whether it’s giving us access to an army of marketing tools across a wide variety of applications. Data usage to the importance of co-planning new marketing campaigns close together

and to continue to continue the success in all aspects of Hisense Therefore, we are back with Shopee once again in the Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale campaign where we have prepared many special gifts for shoppers to celebrate the festival at the end of this year to the fullest. Whether it is an army of leading products from Hisense from medium to premium special discount code And a bunch of free gifts that will come as a full surprise for everyone to find gifts for themselves and their loved ones in the most worthwhile.

For anyone looking for a gift for themselves or for someone special at the end of the year, don’t miss it! With great promotions in the Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale campaign, Hisense has brought specials to everyone on Shopee Mall from today until December 12, 2021. The highlight of the value is

– Big discount as a special gift for Thai people: when the gift-giving season arrives Hisense is therefore not to be missed. Prepare to give a special gift to all Thai people with a promotion for a discount of up to 60% with a discount code of up to 5,000 baht and special privileges when paying through ShopeePay.

– Find activities, discounts, exchanges, giveaways, plus more great value: In addition to promotions and discounts that will come together in a nutshell, Heisen is also preparing to give many surprise gifts, such as a TV at a price of 12 baht and a purchase. Get a chance to win cash back up to 1,212 baht!! Not only this!! Only on December 12, 2021 for the first 10 orders that are successfully ordered with TV models E7G, EU7G, EU8G, shop CD air conditioners or shop Hisense air conditioners, mobile air conditioners. Have the right to receive a refund of up to 1,212 baht or get the right to own an iPhone 13 when shopping for a 120-inch Hisense Laser TV on the Hisense Official Store on Shopee Mall only!

In this regard, you can shop with big-sized electrical appliances from Hisense at affordable prices in the Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale campaign, and follow along so you don’t miss out on news, events and great promotions from Hisense Official Store on Shopee Mall at https://



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