Historical achievement; There is not a single person in the UAE who has not taken at least one dose of vaccine

Dubai: The UAE has made historic strides in the field of Kovid vaccination. The UAE deserves the incredible benefit of having at least 100 percent of those eligible for the vaccine in the country get at least one dose of the vaccine. The UAE became the first country in the world to achieve this feat.

One of the first countries to start vaccine distribution

The UAE is second only to Gibraltar, an autonomous region under British rule. In Gibraltar, which has a population of just 33,000, the prevalence of the first dose is 118 percent. At the same time, the population of the UAE is around one crore. The UAE currently ranks among the top three in the world in terms of vaccination rates and PCR test rates. The UAE was one of the first countries in the world to distribute the Kovid vaccine free of charge to both natives and expatriates. Sinofam, a Chinese wax vaccine, was first distributed here.

2.18 crore vaccine doses were given


The UAE Ministry of Health estimates that 2.18 crore doses of the vaccine have already been distributed in the country. The vaccine is administered at a dose of 220.44 doses per 100 people. An average of 20,000 doses are administered daily. The ministry said the country aims to take the lead in combating Kovid by achieving the goal of complete vaccination for the entire population of the country.

90.18% of the population received the full vaccine


The ministry said 90.18 per cent of the already eligible population in the UAE had been fully vaccinated. In the last one day alone, 2,63,429 PCR tests were conducted in the UAE. The ministry claimed that the extensive Kovid tests along with the vigorous vaccination campaign had helped in controlling the large scale of Kovid outbreaks in the country. At present, the daily Kovid positive rate in the country is less than 100. Currently, the vaccines Synofam, Pfizer Biotech, Oxford AstraZeneca, Modena and Sputnik V are being distributed in the UAE. The UAE also produces its own synoform vaccine called the Hyatt Vaccine.



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