History and legal reform in the UAE; Life imprisonment for rape, protection for domestic workers

Abu Dhabi: President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has approved legislative reforms aimed at strengthening the economic, investment and trade sectors and ensuring social stability and security.

The protection of the rights of women, children, individuals and institutions was given top priority in one of the greatest legislative reforms in the history of the country. In the 50th year of the formation of the country, more than 40 laws were amended. The amendments are intended to expand the legislative framework for the regulation and protection of investment, trade, industry, commerce, companies, and industrial assets, as well as copyright, trademarks, commercial registers, electronic transactions, trust services, factories, and residences.

These include laws governing crime and punishment, as well as online security, regulating the production, sale, and use of drugs and psychotropic substances. It also proposes to improve electronic transactions and services with the help of smart systems. Digital signatures are also protected. It is allowed to seal transactions and make contracts and government transactions using digital signatures.

But the countries starting the transaction should have a state-of-the-art system similar to the UAE standards. The new law will facilitate civil and commercial procedures, including the law of electronic transactions and trust services, marriage, personal status, notary and rental, purchase, sale and amendment of contracts in real estate services.

Protects industrial property and regulates and modernizes procedures for its registration, use, exploitation and employment. The law has been amended to apply to patents, industrial designs, integrated circuits, non-disclosure agreements, and utility certificates throughout the UAE (including free zones). Removed the requirement for trade license for trademark registration. SME owners will be given temporary protection to protect the trademark of products brought to international exhibitions.

It also amended the Commercial Register Act, which retains the right of local authorities in each emirate to establish and control their commercial records, including registration, data monitoring and modification. The Commercial Register of the Ministry of Finance will include details of all industries operating in the UAE. There is also a law that supports small and medium enterprises.

Attract investors, protection for women

Commercial companies

The amendment will attract investors to start companies with full ownership in all sectors except strategic areas. The new Commercial Companies Act aims to increase foreign direct investment (FDI). This will make the UAE a global business hub. It also outlines the rules, procedures and penalties for violating the rules for starting a business in the UAE.

Higher education

Laws governing the licensing of higher education institutions, approving curricula, ensuring the functioning and quality of institutions, improving standards and competitiveness, and promoting scientific research apply to institutions other than the Free Zone. It covers all levels of higher education including Diploma, Higher Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral.

Crime and Punishment

It offers better protection for women and domestic workers. Public safety and security arrangements were strengthened. And relaxed restrictions on extramarital affairs.

Do not drink alcohol in public

The new law also prohibits the consumption of alcohol in public or unlicensed areas. It is an offense to sell or induce alcohol under the age of 21.

Lifetime for rape

Rape is punishable by life imprisonment. If the victim is under the age of 18, disabled or incapacitated, he could face up to 10–25 years in prison or even the death penalty. Sexual offenses of the opposite sex are punishable by imprisonment or a fine of not less than 10,000 dirhams. Imprisonment for coercion or intimidation is punishable by up to 5–20 years in prison. There will be severe punishment if you are in the workplace, school, residence or hospital.

Online security

The law has been tightened to combat cybercrime, online harassment, intimidation and fake news and to protect the public. Data protection In addition to defining the rights and responsibilities of all parties, it also provides protection for optimal data management.



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