History of Kong Somkiat Chantra, the first Thai person to win Moto Two What life has been through

• History of “Kong” Somkiat Chantra

name of Kong “Somkiat Chantra” became a name that Thai sports fans are very interested in after Somkiat Chantra“Becoming the first Thai people to win the championship in the smooth world motorcycle race successfully by being a model competition Moto2 (Engine 600cc.) Indonesian Grand Prix live hot on Sunday, March 20 ago.

for the name of Kong “Somkiat Chantra” History Considered very interesting because he is a road bike racer. At the age of 23, he has already become a historical figure in Thai sports.

past history “Kong” Somkiat Chantra He is a driver from the “Idemitsu Honda Team Asia” team. In the past, in 2018, Somkiat Chantra had the opportunity to compete in the Moto 3 Moto 3 category first under AP Honda Racing Thailand, but After that in 2019, he moved up to Moto2 and had to wait four seasons before “Kong” Somkiat Chantra became the first Thai to stand number one on the podium. at the global competitive level

From this red bow work, Thailand became the second country in Southeast Asia. that can create a rider to stand up to the number one Podium in the motorcycle race on the flat road world championship as well. Previously, Malaysian motorcycle racer Kairul Idam Pawi was the 2016 moto3 champion in Argentina and the 2017 in Germany, while the honor of “Kong” Somkiat Chantra Seems to have better dignity and class name. Because it is a champion at a higher level, that is Moto2.