a military base his real name is Thrisnu Thiyanaththanancha Thai male actor, born on May 27, 1977. Khet started entering the entertainment industry by participating in the competition on stage.A Dutch Boy and Girl In 1996, she later started having a photo shoot in a magazine. you and me and has worked in theatrical performances one hundred love , a troubled age , ant a clear heart a True love The work made a name for Khet of acting from theatrical performances. Wimandin , Merch y Wanon, part 2 – 3 a Baan Saithong As for his acting work, Khet made his film debut. One favorite followed by defiled boy , Ghost Railway Junction a Noo Kanpai, Mahayan Battle, shot on Sanan screen

side of the family

a military base Currently married to a female VJ Nat Thaksaya Thiyanaththanancha They currently have one named child together Nong Deeja, Thaman Thiyanaththanancha Dr


a military base He graduated in art at Pohchang College Rajamangala Institute of Technology, Class 82, Department of Interior Design and came to study communication arts at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat Institute


Television works are broadcast on Channel 3


  • soft wood
  • 6/16 Innocent Evil as a Weapon
  • Roi Rot Rot Rot, Episode: Arnes for Three Lives for One Night


  • waiting for the day i have you

Year 2003

  • Wimandin as Uppakorn Thepsathit
  • Botan like Kamphon

Year 2005

  • Khun Chai Transistor as Mom Rajawongse Yongkasem Suraphan

Television works are broadcast on Channel 7

Year 1994

  • Three boys, many angles

Year 1995

  • Fill your love to the max like Mek Phat


  • Full Love as Nat
  • destroyed

Year 2000

  • Cupid Luang as Ram
  • I’m coming with the monks

Year 2001

  • Tonrak as Pasutha (Ong)
  • Nohra as Kanchit

Year 2002

  • who decides
  • Brahma
  • lonely spirit

Year 2003

  • Dance is not stupid, so I got a girlfriend like Natthi
  • Rak Kham Klong as Sahachai

Year 2004

  • Brass Ring as Lieutenant Nithat
  • Can you love me if your heart is not crazy?
  • Phutphisawas as Marut Kasikam
  • junction of love

Year 2005

  • Okthon as Wiman (Thong)
  • Nang Sin’s charming lover as Phuree (Phu)
  • Rainbow Kiang Dao


  • Tawan Chingphon as Phuriphop
  • A flame in a dream like Bua
  • Tawanrung in Thung Krating as Tawan
  • Ayaolweng as Thanai


  • Fah Ya Jai
  • forest of faith
  • ant a clear heart
  • Lots of true love
  • Jaisairak Yok the group

Year 2008

  • Saisueb Nasai is Commander
  • Mrs. Tas as Ram (Guesthouse)
  • Jiew Jaew is sincere
  • Miss Angel

Year 2009

  • an uncorrupted heart
  • Thidawanon 2 as Buran
  • Busy love like Buran


  • Sour the market breaks.
  • Thongkham’s Supernatural Grandmother

Year 2011

  • Pa Nang Suea as Apichat
  • Hope…fight
  • Lui as Doctor Ang
  • Thidawanon 3 as Buran

Year 2012

  • Pa Nang Suea 2 as Apichat

Year 2013

  • Khun Ae’s mother as Tewan

Year 2014

  • Love you as much as Chang as Plai Ton

Year 2015

  • Phayasok as Paripat
  • Baan Saithong-Potjaman Sawangwong

Year 2016

  • Shady daughter-in-law as Tri Tagoonruangwiriya

Year 2017

  • Okthon as Loi Boonlue
  • Pring, the people of the city
  • Maya

Year 2018

  • Saming Chaotha as Ritnarong Pongpaisan

Year 2020

  • Dek Sapel as Sak Suriyawong

Television works are broadcast on Channel 8

Year 2020

  • Ruen Saiswat as Phraya Phithak Akara

Year 2022

  • Buang Baiboon as Rabil
  • Khaki blood like Manoch

Television works are broadcast on Channel 31

Year 2021

  • Club Friday The Series 12 Untouched Love Episode Hidden Love Pain of the Third

Television works are broadcast on HOOQ

Year 2021

  • Love stalker


Year 1995

  • One favorite


  • defiled boy


  • Ghost Railway Junction

Year 2012

  • Noo Kanpai, Mahayan Battle, shot on Sanan screen

music video

  • Song Y Beth Olaf Artist Enfys
  • Song I Want You Here Artist Bo Sunita
  • Song: Take Care and Keep Your Heart Artist Maleewan Jamena
  • Song OO Artist Nantida Kaewbuasai


  • One Close Friend Song A song for the play “Lonely Ghost”
  • Pong just the soundtrack dance is not poop and find love.
  • music world life
  • song no reason Song for the drama “Pa Nang Suea”
  • song no reason
  • Song We hope soundtrack Hope…fight
  • Whose Song Will You Choose? soundtrack Hope…fight


  • List of children to build a house
  • end of the list

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