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Kim Hye-seong of Kiwoom, a professional baseball player, entered the batter’s position for the first time this year after six seasons of debut. He came from a steal king last year and is a bit far from the traditional No. 4 hitter, but he’s hitting and running well and leading a winning streak. We will share the detailed story with this morning& and reporter Lee Do-seong.

Usually, when you think of hitting 4, big players like Lotte Lee Dae-ho and KT Park Byeong-ho come to mind first, so it’s a bit surprising, isn’t it?


Hye-Sung Kim is a player whose long-term skills are accurate hitting and quick feet rather than long hitting.

I entered batter 4 instead of the foreign batter Puig, who fell into sluggish hitting while going back and forth between bats 1, 3, and 5.

Manager Hong Won-ki explained the reason, saying, “A good hitter hits the 4th.”

Yesterday (29th) I met Lotte and got three hits.

In particular, in the 4th inning, in a 0-0 situation, after hitting a double in the right middle, the next batter flew a ball from center field, and he quickly advanced to third base.

And in the subsequent just-in-time hit, he made the final goal by stepping on home.

His batting average for the season is only 30%, but after he transformed into a 4th hitter, the feeling of hitting rose to 30, 4 penny and 9 li.

It is difficult to see him as a player with a single long hit with 15 home runs in the previous five seasons and two this season.

Still, Kiwoom is leading the uptrend, which has risen to second place from the bottom of the league, with his feet fast enough to take the top spot in stolen bases, sophisticated hitting skills, and excellent defense ability to erase the opponent’s hits.


SSG coach Won-hyung Kim won his career 100 wins yesterday, but he set a record of 100 wins both as a player and as a manager, right?


In the 40-year history of professional baseball, only 32 pitchers have achieved 100 victories in their career.

In addition, there were only four coaches who had 100 wins, starting with Seon Dong-yeol, the first in history, Kim Si-jin, Han Yong-deok, and Lee Kang-cheol.

And this time, director Kim Won-hyeong set the fifth record.

Coach Kim, who was a right-handed ace with 134 wins in his career, has completed 100 wins in 194 games since he took office last year.

SSG secured their first place with a 9-7 win over KIA yesterday.


Let’s talk football. Real Madrid picked up the trophy in the Champions League, the stage of the stars, a victory with just one on-target shot?


It was possible because of the iron wall gatekeeper Courtois.

Conversely, in soccer, where you have to score a lot of goals to win, you blocked a lot of shots to win.

Real Madrid were far behind Liverpool with 3 to 23 shots and 1 to 9 on target.

However, he scored with just one shot to the goal and saved all nine crises.

Premier League top scorer Salado couldn’t break through Courtois’ wall.

Neither a left-footed shot from outside the penalty box nor a strike that finished in half a time could shake the net.

Courtois, who made Liverpool cry with nine saves in the final, was selected as the goalkeeper for the first time in 14 years as a goalkeeper since Van der Sar in 2008.


Guus Hiddings, who led the 2002 World Cup semifinals, visited Korea, right?


Last Saturday, I stepped on Korean soil for the first time in 4 years.

This is to attend the Korea Football Association Football Festival to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Korea-Japan World Cup.

Yesterday, we had a commemorative dinner with the disciples who made it to the quarterfinals.

He cheered for Bentuho ahead of the World Cup, saying, “I hope to achieve better results than in 2002.”

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