‘Hitting mainland’ Putin threatens nuclear weapons again… “Nuclear weapons are a means of defense and counter-attack.”

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has again spoken about the possibility of using nuclear weapons after a series of recent attacks on military facilities on the Russian mainland.

    “The threat of nuclear war is increasing,” Putin said at the televised annual meeting of the Human Rights Council on the 7th, adding that “Russia considers nuclear weapons as a means of defense and a possible counterattack.”

    “Russia has the most advanced nuclear weapons, but it does not want to use them,” he said. “Russia will defend its territory and its allies at all costs.”

    In Russia, on the 5th, explosions occurred at two military airfields in Ryazan, Ryazan, and Engels, Saratov, killing three people and destroying two planes.

    Ryazan and Engels are 480-720 km from Ukraine’s eastern border, and the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the incident was an attack by Ukraine using drones.

    Since then, Russia has launched large-scale airstrikes, such as launching more than 70 missiles across Ukraine, but on the 6th, an airport in Kursk, which borders Ukraine, was attacked by a drone.

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