Hitting the nail on the head | The “Ten Questions” web article questioned the official epidemic prevention policy Why don’t World Cup fans wear masks?

Hitting the nail on the head | The “Ten Questions” web article questioned the official epidemic prevention policy Why don’t World Cup fans wear masks?

China’s new crown epidemic broke out again recently, and infection cases were recorded in many places. According to the announcement of the State Health and Medical Commission, there were 28,883 new local new crown cases on the mainland yesterday (22nd); among them, Guangdong Province added 8,811 cases in one day. As the epidemic continues, an article called “Ten Questions” was widely distributed on social platforms such as WeChat Moments yesterday. The content is to ask 10 questions to the National Health Commission about epidemic prevention policies. The official account of the article “Chang’an Classroom” has also been blocked.

At the beginning of the article, it was written that, as an ordinary citizen, I had ten questions about the Health Commission, the competent health authority, and asked if the authorities could get involved and answer them.

The first question relates to the scope of work of the Health and Medical Commission, “Is the Health and Medical Commission’s main responsibility to collect data related to the new crown? How much promotional work does the Health and Medical Commission done for the treatment plan patients with new crowns For Omicron Has the health commission published the death rate How many people has the health commission for intensifying epidemic prevention on the ground dealt with? and other places for a few months this year?”

The second question: “Has any influenza virus produced in history been eradicated by humans? If not, how can we eradicate the new crown virus? If the new crown virus cannot be eradicated, what price will we have to pay for an invisible and intangible virus?” How about clearing the virus? How useful are the rounds of nucleic acid testing?”

The first question concerns the effectiveness of domestic vaccines. “The vast majority of people have received more than three doses of the new crown vaccine. Why do they keep getting infected with the new crown? Is the vaccine effective?”

Question 4: “Compared to other flu viruses, is Omicron’s fatality rate low or high? How many people has Omicron killed?”

The fifth question is about the objective criteria for deregulation, “For the new crown virus, what is the standard for us to decommission? If there is no objective and scientific standard, should we continue to control it? “

Question 6: “The three recent deaths in Beijing are all elderly patients in bed. How were they infected? Is there any consequence to epidemiology? Is it possible that as long as it is influenza, it could the nucleic acid test showing positive? , what is the point of nucleic acid testing?”

The seventh question is to question the basis of the authority’s decision for epidemic prevention.” What is the basis for our new crown prevention and control policy decisions? Is it data, a model, or speculation? Experts such as Zhong Nanshan, Zhang Wenhong, and Zhang Boli has already said that Omicron’s Why would we manage a non-fatal disease when the toxicity is so low?”

The eighth question is about comparing the epidemic situation between China and Hong Kong. “Due to the different systems, Hong Kong, whose population density is much higher than the mainland, has never carried out nucleic acid testing for all workers, which has been liberalized for several months. Hong Kong society is normal at the moment. , has there been a medical run Why is there no medical run in Hong Kong, why is the mainland so worried about the so-called medical run? Kong has old people and children?”

The ninth question is why World Cup fans do not need to wear masks and nucleic acid certificates. “More than 120 countries in the world have not controlled the new crown for a long time. Has the health of the people in these countries been damaged? Do they all live a normal life? Why do they want to live more freely than the Chinese? The World Cup opened in Qatar, and the fans didn’t see anyone wearing a mask, and they didn’t hear that they had to look at the nucleic acid test certificate. Don’t they live on the same planet with us? Is it the new crown virus? without harming them?”

Question 10: “India has about the same population as my country, and its area is less than half the area of ​​my country. What is the state of the epidemic situation in India? Nigeria’s epidemic prevention work in Africa has achieved remarkable results. We will stop benchmarking against India, which is similar to our own national conditions, and will not learn from it. Nigeria, counting US figures all day, what practical significance does this have for our epidemic prevention?”

Finally, the article asks the Health and Medical Commission to answer the above questions carefully before making decisions on the prevention and control of the new crown “Is this too much to ask?”

This “Ten Questions” article went viral after it was published, and quickly reached 100,000 views, many of whom responded positively to the article. Some netizens said that his circle of friends together sent “Ten Questions” forward tonight. Seeing that the official account was blocked, they posted screenshots of “Ten Questions”… “It’s been a long time since everyone played like this.” He wrote, “Ten Questions They only asked some simple questions, which (officially) are very difficult to answer.”

Most netizens left a message in the comments area saying that this article was “hard to disagree with, hard to dislike”, and worried that the article would be “harmonised”, so it they took screenshots beforehand. Another netizen from Beijing left a message saying: “I seriously wrote comments in Moments and forwarded them. Now many media dare not speak out, dare not face the voices of the masses…”

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