HK video| I thought it was refreshing, but I thought it was bvg galaxy… full of arrogance


The group Bbg Eunha performs the title song ‘PULL UP’ at the show to commemorate the release of the third mini album ‘VarioUS’ held at the Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 31st.

The title song ‘PULL UP’ is a catchy song with a melodic and brassy sound spread over a groovy bass, and features unstoppable lyrics aimed at those who define and evaluate others in arbitrary.

In addition to this, ‘Blue Clue’ is based on a swing rhythm, ‘Love or Die’ contains bold lyrics, urban R&B song ‘Vanilla Sugar Killer’ with a painted feel, funky but fairy tale songs. A total of 6 songs were recorded, including ‘Overdrive’ with the same sound and ‘So Special’ with a warm sensibility.

Byun Seong-hyun, reporter

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