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HK Video|Actress Lee Min-jung’s Photogenic of the Year selected by photographers

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The ‘2021 KOPA & NIKON Press Photo Awards’ hosted by the Korea Online Press Photographers Association (KOPA) and sponsored by Nikon Imaging Korea (CEO Jung Hae-hwan) )’ was held at the Rivera Hotel in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on the morning of the 18th, and actress Lee Min-jung, who was selected as a photogenic, is speaking of her acceptance speech.

The awards ceremony was held across the categories of photogenic, sports, general, entertainment, and Nikon special awards, and a photojournalist who worked hard in each category over the past year was selected as the winner by voting by all members of the Copa member companies. Reporter of the Year Award: Reporter Han-Jun Kim of Xports News in the sports category, reporter So-Hee Jung of iNews24/JoyNews24, Seong-Jin Kim of iNews24/JoyNews24 in the overall category, Hyuk Choi of Hankyung.com, and Seong-hoo Ahn of TV Daily in the entertainment category, reporter Choi Hyuk of Hankyung.com In the , photogenic category, TV Daily reporter Shin Jung-heon, who filmed actress Lee Min-jung, was named the winner. In particular, reporter Jung So-hee of iNews24/JoyNews24, who covered the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, won the Nikon Special Award.

The awards ceremony was held with a minimum number of participants in accordance with the government’s quarantine guidelines.

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