Ho-jung Kim, the classic new song ‘Promise’ MV teaser released… ‘Heavy summer greetings’

Singer Ho-jung Kim, along with a part of the music video, is raising expectations even more for the heavy greetings to be conveyed through the classic regular album.

On the 18th, Thought Entertainment announced the double title song ‘Promise’ of Kim Ho-jung’s 2nd regular album ‘PANORAMA’ through the official SNS channel at 6 pm on the 18th.[約束]’ Music video teaser released.

The released teaser video contains Kim Ho-jung, who stands still in a dense forest and stares at the sky with faint eyes.

The appearance of the pianist Yiruma unfolding one after another along with the key falling from the small envelope makes us feel the emotional value as the main song of the album, which contains various longing for 1 year and 9 months.

Ho-jung Kim’s ‘PANORAMA’ is a 2nd full-length classic album consisting of 16 songs in various genres, from Italian traditional vocal songs to ballad-oriented crossovers and trot duet Latin music. Greetings from

On the other hand, Kim Ho-jung will release his 2nd full-length classic album ‘PANORAMA’ at 6 pm on the 27th, and will start his first album after the cancellation.

Correspondent Dong-sun Park, Electronic Newspaper Internet ([email protected])

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