Home Entertainment Hold your heart and hit your granddaughter Mika-Miya to Grandma Neng’s hand. Warns you not to listen. Nanny is still afraid.

Hold your heart and hit your granddaughter Mika-Miya to Grandma Neng’s hand. Warns you not to listen. Nanny is still afraid.

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Called for a meeting, everyone was tumultuous to see that their grandchildren and grandmothers probably ran 10 kilograms and lifted a combined weight of several hundred kilograms. Hold your heart and hit your granddaughter, Grandma Neng warned you and didn’t listen. Miya got hit first Will there be any leftovers? Nanny is afraid

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Margie Rasri Bring the children to meet Grandma driving a marathon to meet Mica Mia in Spain. Latest Grandma Neng Orasri Post a clip of chaos chasing Miya, her granddaughter running and catching birds. with a long caption to the grandchildren saying

Hey!!! Be careful, be careful!!! Oh!!! Go get Miya. Mom will take care of Mika by herself!!! Oh, the birds and the children are really a couple. They have been chasing Margie and Marina since Mae Neng. Young girls now have to catch 2 Jews. Haha. My once beautiful gait must change!! Because they must be ready to run at the dog’s feet all the time. The eyes that used to look here and there now look nothing but grandchildren hahaha Even if I walk past famous people, I don’t know because I only look at my grandchildren’s eyes and almost don’t blink!!!

Returning home, Mae Neng called everyone for a meeting. Come here!!! Everyone sit down!!! Everyone looked at each other wide-eyed. Including Mika and precious!!!” From now on, when you are outside when walking, you have to hold Grandma’s hand, Yuma Mi or Kwan, do you understand??? 2Jew nods “Kao Jai Ka”Kao Jai Kab” ok If you flick your hand and run away, Grandma will hit you!!! You can’t hit it!!! Miya replied. I can’t hit it” I have to hit. Grandma has to hit because I made a mistake. You will get hit by a car because there are too many cars. I can’t run!!! What do you say about Daddy and Ma Mi and all the brothers? Hit!! End of 1 story. Next story.

Is it possible to plug in the power socket??? “No,” Mia replied. Can I have it, Mika??? “I got it” If you poke your finger, you’ll get a shot that hurts so much, you can’t die if grandma sees grandma hit it!!! The two Kab nods at the same time and looked at Grandma’s obedience. Turns to Pocky, P’Yupee Kwan, “Everyone has to do the same, Mamee and Daddy Bok & P’Yu and P’Kwan nodded, but it’s so light!!!!

The next morning, a grandmother looked at her grandmother. but gradually moved to put his hands to play with firefighting Yu saw it and shouted. “Miya, don’t play with the plug. Grandma rushed to pull it out. “Miya-ya-ya told me that she can’t play!!!” Now Mi-ya doesn’t play anymore!!! Well, smart answer again. “I don’t have to be punished!!! Brother Yumatiya, now you’re doing it wrong!!!” You don’t dare to hit!! Mamy hits softly. She’s not afraid. Grandma hit it!!!

Oh, do I have to be a hitman???Come here, bring your hand to Mae Neng, hold your heart and hit it!!! Mi Ya was stunned and turned to look at her grandmother and she was stunned. Hit a lot of force. Mi Ya cried out, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Margie and Marina again, it’s a lot less!!!! How much is it? Ask Margie and Marina, they say, “Today, when you turn on the light and turn off the light, sometimes you’re still shocked. I think my mother hit her mother Neng 55555 mobile Messenger hit really remember it all my life and did not think she would do it again !!!! have just hit the grandmother ran into Jude feeding to sleep now. No one dares to touch the fire again, haha. Let’s see the plug. Let’s walk away from each other. Brother Yu and Kwan are still afraid!!!

and also posted, asking “And Miega didn’t get hit at all??? Haha, there will be left!!! After being hit, one person at a time!!! Grandma also taught me how to play, so I had to ask permission first!!! That’s all. The next morning, there are only words, “Kung Yai Ka, I would like you to apply Kung Yai Liptik!!! “Kung Ta Kung, let’s go to Leng Komputer Kung Ta!!! 555 Asking for something that grandma and grandpa won’t allow!!!

For a while, we scramble for toys, and Mika hits her head with a toy!!!”Mika. Grandma hurriedly ran with only her hands, and Mika hurriedly raised her hand to pay homage. “Gotok Kub” acted very afraid. Grandma turned to ask Miya, “Grandma will hit Meika, she will hit it hard.” No need for Mika, I want to fight!!! Oh, look! I really love you After this, if you do something wrong Grandma just clutches I’m sorry!!! Hahahaha really smart. Survive!!!

And then came the day that Pocky would take the kids out without P’Yu and P’Kwan!!!! Oh, even we made an appointment so don’t be confused, still running all over the place and when we check the card, we have to check the card!! 2 Jews run in first, oh!! The chest will break. There is no car there, but I’m afraid that my grandchildren will get infected with covids. The person inside is wearing a mask. Mae Neng and Rasri have to run and chase after them.

Aunt Mike doesn’t mind walking and chilling like that. I came alone, “Oh!! My grandson runs and runs, it’s okay. Sigh! I really can’t!!!! At that moment, I had to hide in the bathroom of the temple to transform myself into “Wonder Woman”, chasing after 2 minis!!!!! Mika saw Miya running and ran after her and laughed. Together happily!!! When Grandma runs after her, she thinks that Grandma played with her and ran away with her whole life!!!

Ki goes to catch Mikama and manage Miya herself. !!!Caught Miya, Mae Neng hit her ass lightly. !!!Only that Miya stopped suddenly!! Turned around immediately, scolded Grandma and said, “I can’t hit my ass!!! Kung Yai. Mamy said she had to hit her hand!!! Oh, ok, next time Grandma will hit her hand, Grandma, sorry, Grandma made a mistake!!! Oh, it’s okay. Kung-yai can hit the butt!!! Haha. I’m starting to feel that hitting my butt doesn’t hurt. Change it!!!! Today should be running 10 kilos, lifting a total of hundreds of [email protected]_rasri @pokmindset This mission you guys went smoothly!!!!

Thank you P’Kiao for editing it so smoothly!!!! But behind the scenes, I only get home. My body is falling. Mike can’t take it in time. Haha. Fuck it, put it beyond the scene, it’s so cool. The people in the temple laughed at La Sacrada Famalia. They will remember the two tiny Asians for a long time. #love #mikamiathetwins

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