Holding a phra to invade the temple Smash the glass coffin with oil Set a fire to burn the body of Reverend Grandfather Wet

A 26-year-old man riding a motorcycle at Na Sang temple Smashed a glass coffin with burnt oil Body Sangkhar, Reverend Grandfather Wet The famous master of Chumphon was burned for 30 minutes but only damaged his robe.

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On January 8, 2021 at Tha Sae Police Station, Chumporn Province, Pol. Police Nawatan Sithara Chu, Ph.D. Tha Sae Police Station Lt. Col. Surasak Panasnashi, Deputy Police Lieutenant Colonel Chaiyut Chanpeng, Deputy Police Lieutenant Colonel Anurat Srimala, Deputy Police Agency arrested Mr. Sakharit Ma Noi or Nook, 26 years old after the attack on the body of Luang Pu Wet. Inside the Na Sang Temple, Tha Sae Subdistrict, Tha Sae District, at 7:00 a.m. the past

An examination of CCTV footage found Mr Sak Harit, not wearing a shirt, with a full body tattoo. Walk with darkness With oil tanks, invaded the mondop next to the temple of Wat Na built and used machetes to break the glass coffin until it was broken, then poured oil to set fire to the body of Luang Pu Wet. Famous instructor of Chumphon Province The body of the body of the Sangkhara since his death in 1962

From the investigation of Mr. Sakharit To confess that in the evening of 6 Jan ’64, he had consumed 2 methamphetamine pills while sleeping, dreamed of having Luang Pho Paeng, who had been a sangkhan for a long time, told him to burn Luang Pu Wet’s body. At Na Sang Temple

When he woke up in the morning, he picked up a machete and rode a motorcycle. Go buy 1 liter of gasoline from the shop in the village, put it on the core, and drive to Na Sang Temple. Set a fire to burn the body of Luang Pu Wet. As he ran out, he found a monk to intervene and jumped, kicked and punched it once. Before riding a motorcycle Escape to the sister’s house in Sub-Anan area.

The urine is purple in color. Therefore report the charge of burning other assets Spoil And illegal drug use of category 1 (methamphetamine) Send the proceedings

Later, at 2:00 p.m. Mr. Jaruk Kaew Saeng-On, Director of the Office of Buddhism, Chumphon Province traveled to ask to meet Phra Kru Si Sonkhun Chao Arawad Na Sang Temple To check details and damage By prohibiting outsiders and unrelated persons to

Due to fear that the mobile phone will take inappropriate pictures and then put them on social media While there are many villagers who are aware of the news, they travel continuously. Along with the curse of the attackers who set fire to the body, the body of the body of the wet grandfather who has been kept in a glass coffin for many years.

As for Phra Charun Aspo (Asapho), Phra Luk Vat said I was ordained at Wat Na for 10 years when the incident was being cleaned up while near the church and the mondop to keep the body of Luang Pu Wet’s body. Saw a villain wearing camouflage shorts, without a shirt, holding machetes and a curly core.

At first I thought that it was a farmer to pay homage to Luang Pu Wet. Therefore did not care much Then saw the flames coming out of the mondop So ran over to see the villain running, so he was attacked Before running to ride a motorcycle Quick escape

Phra Jaroon continued to say that I then called Phra Luk Wat to help bring water to extinguish the fire. It took about 30 minutes, so the fire was completely extinguished. It appeared that the fire had burned only the robes that wrapped Luang Pu Wet’s body. While according to the body, there is only a black stain from the soot, so it is considered very fortunate.

Mr. Somboon Kaewcharoen, age 75, Waiyakorn, Na Sang Temple Said that this event was considered to be very emotional for the villagers in the area and Chumphon Province The Sangkharn Luang Pu Wet has been kept in a glass coffin since Luang Pu’s death in 1962 for 59 years.

Is a Buddhist grace Buddhist monk And a craftsman The main Buddha images in different places, Bai Samaas, Joss, Chedi, inside Wat Luang Pu Wet are all created and cast by themselves. He is a master who has collectors of amulets and Buddhism, many people believe in the country. Especially the Sema Sunlight coin, built in 1962 with great luck Nowadays can not be found for worship anymore and is very expensive.

Mr Somboon continued that the incident was considered a miracle. And the holiness of Luang Pu wet That the villain invaded the body of his body The fire burned for half an hour. Than to help each other completely extinguish But only the robe that covered the body was burned But the body was not damaged. After the COVID-19 epidemic, a big merit-making ceremony will be held. In order to continue to encourage the villagers and students.


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