“Holiday Gift Set and Limited Edition” to fill a moment of happiness.

It’s only once a year! Burt’s Bees The leader in America’s most popular natural ingredient products. fill the moment of happiness with “Holiday Gift Set and Limited Edition” Including 7 cool beauty gifts and a limited edition, one year only! The best natural gift set imported from America. Comes with an eco-friendly design gift box made from recycled materials. So chic that you don’t need to search for gift wrapping paper and ribbons to fill them. Perfectly reduces the creation of gift wrapping paper waste!

This year’s Holiday Gift Set comes under the concept of “A World of Giving”. Every gift is full of touching stories, because Burt’s Bees collects more than 1,000 of nature’s best ingredients from all over the world, from small communities in Ghana to sustainable farmers around the world. along with promoting a good quality of life in the community, human rights, children’s and women’s rights and biodiversity protection As well as getting the best gift set from nature. You also give smiles and encouragement to people of various communities. and green farmers around the world at the same time This is what we call The real “Giving World”!

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