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Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin was shot while filming… cinematographer dies

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(yunhap news)

In Hollywood, USA, an actor was shot and killed by a prop gun fired while filming a movie.

According to foreign media such as CNN and AFP on the 22nd (local time), on the 21st at 1:50 pm on the 21st, cinematographer Helena Hutchins was killed by a prop gun fired by actor Alec Baldwin at a film set in New Mexico.

The movie that was being filmed at the time was ‘Rust’, a western movie set in New Mexico in the 19th century. Baldwin has worked as an actor and director for this film.

Cinematographer Hillina was taken to the University of New Mexico hospital by helicopter shortly after the accident, but eventually died.

Director Joel Souza suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder and was taken to hospital by ambulance. The exact extent of Joel’s injury is still unknown.

The local police said, “As a result of the investigation, it seems that a rifle was used as a prop during the filming.” “We are investigating how the rifle was fired.” Baldwin has not yet been charged or arrested, and local media reported that Baldwin was seen weeping after being questioned.

Actor Alec Bodwin, who made his debut in the NBC drama ‘Doctors’ in 1980, has been working as an actor and film director for many years in Hollywood. All four of his brothers are actors in Hollywood.

He became famous for his role in the movie ‘Getaway’ (1994), in which he starred with ex-wife Kim Basinger, and satirizes former US President Donald Trump in the popular comedy show ‘SNL LIVE’ in 2017 for Best Actor in a Comedy at the 69th Emmy Awards. won a supporting actor award

In Korea, he was well known for his role as Alan Henry in the movie ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ (2018).


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