“Hollywood’s cutest height difference” Tom Holland and Zendaya model couple dress demonstration!Flashbang serial hair also does not forget fashion

“Hollywood’s cutest height difference” Tom Holland and Zendaya model couple dress demonstration!Flashbang serial hair also does not forget fashion

Every Spider-Man and Mary Jane has always been fated to come together, and the latest pair is of course Tom Holland and Zendaya. The couple is not only the envy of others, even Zendaya just won an Emmy Award for “Euphoria”. In an interview, he said that the first person to call to share the good news was Tom Holland. Couples meet and develop, their preferences and tastes become closer and closer. Zendaya, who is known for her excellent fashion skills, clearly affects her boyfriend’s dressing in public occasions. the two even cooperate with the stylist Law Roach together, so that each look is not only exquisite, there is also a low-key temperament.

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Zendaya has special facial features and a slim body. In addition to her excellent innate conditions, she tries different styles from time to time, and she is also full of thoughts on the language behind back to the clothes. Including the earlier promotion for “Spider-Man: No Home”, she wore an Alexander McQueen suit jacket with beading on the jacket to simulate a spider’s web, and also wore spider web-shaped hoop earrings, which off the track had to beat Tom Holland wore Celine clothes that day, a leather jacket and an oily hairstyle with a retro 80s feel, and when he took a picture with his girlfriend, he showed off two charming styles.

Zendaya and Tom Holland’s appearance at the premiere of Spider-Man: No Return was equally memorable. Due to Zendaya’s healthy complexion, she always has to be careful when wearing brown clothes, but the couple’s style of the day was well received. Zendaya chose a Valentino haute couture dress with simple Bulgari jewelry, the skirt is extremely thin and close fitting, the base color is close to her skin tone, and black beads are used to create a spider web effect, showing beauty Zendaya. Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli is behind the tailored outfit. He also shared the production process on social platforms, including sketching, tailoring, and sewing the English word “Zendaya”, which showed Pierpaolo Piccioli and his team members’ dedication and attention to the film premiere.

When his girlfriend wears a light brown dress that is close to the skin color, Tom Holland will fight with dark brown! Law Roach chose a Prada Gabardine suit for Tom Holland, a low-key but gorgeous color that became a milestone in Tom Holland’s styling history. A well-fitting suit suit not only matches the color of his hair, but most importantly, it harmoniously matches the style of his lover, as a reliable presence and not a steal behind his back

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