Hololive Vtuber’s second-term English students officially unveiled! All members are scheduled to debut on August 22 | 4Gamers

The 5 second-term English group students who belong to the hololive set with “Hololive English -Council-” released their debut promotional PVs today (17). They are Tsukumo Sana, Ceres Fauna, Ouro Kronii, Nanashi Mumei, and Hakos Baelz. Road on August 22.

With the release of PV, the YouTube and Twitter accounts of the above five newcomers have also been publicly prepared.

At the same time, Cover also released the official settings of 5 Vtubers through a press release(It’s not clear when it will collapse)

Tsukumo Sana (Tsukumo Sana)

Tsukumo Sana
Character design: pako (@pakosun)

The “Space” spokesperson in the council studies astrology and is interested in mysterious taboos, accidentally becoming an apostle of “ancient gods”.

According to the official interpretation, “space”, in addition to the universe itself, also includes the concept of dimensional and never-ending growth. Because there are still many things that have not been understood, and there are many things that are not clear to human beings.

Ceres Fauna

Ceres Fauna
Character design: Asagi Tōsaka (@ asagi_0398)

The spokesperson of “Nature” in the council is the druid who protects the natural world. He has the blood of a unicorn in his body. The official description is that the branches of the forest are represented in the hair, and they are definitely not antlers.

In the setting, “nature” refers to organic matter other than humans. It is said that her whispering has a healing effect. As a mother of nature, although her personality is calm, she will taste the counterattack of nature to those who disobey her.

Ouro Kronii

Kronii Gold
Character design: WADARCO (@tsubuanfes)

The spokesperson of “Time” in the council, because no one can escape from time, so all humans are basically in her captivity, using time to control humans, with the setting of shaking S, is a proud warden. .

Nanashi Mumei (Nanashi Mumei)

Nanashi Mumei
Character design: Azure (@azure_0608_sub)

The guardian of “civilization” in the council is very knowledgeable and good at traveling. It is quite different from the existence of other council members. Civilization is a concept created and born by human beings. Therefore, she is not created by God and can choose her appearance by herself, so she is incarnate It is an owl that symbolizes wisdom.

Hakos Baelz

Hakos Baelz
Character design: Mika Pikazo (@MikaPikaZo)

The representative of “Chaos” in the council is the chief of the council appointed by God, but she did not accept the order, and she and other members have no intention of vying for the position of chief.

According to the official description, she believes that rules do not work, rules are used to break, and chaos represents all the logic and inherent freedom of life. So she loves causing chaos and enjoys the consequences of chaos.

All hololive English Phase II students are expected to start live broadcasts from Tsukumo Sana on August 22, 2021 at 1:00 AM Taiwan time. (The following times are all converted to Taiwan time)



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