Hololive’s Vtuber Lapras Darkness Shifts Live Content to Twitch: A New Strategy for Success

Hololive Vtuber Laplace Darkness Plans Strategy Change

In a recent live broadcast, popular Vtuber Laplace Darkness from Hololive revealed her plans to shift her content strategy. Going forward, she will be focusing on uploading videos to her YouTube channel and moving her live content to the Twitch platform.

During the broadcast, Laplace explained that she had discussed her views count with her agent, who informed her that live streams could potentially hinder the growth of short videos, which are crucial for securing more views. Understanding the importance of maintaining a high view count, Laplace sees this strategy change as an opportunity to maximize engagement.

She emphasized that the number of views is her top priority, followed by subscriptions, and finally, revenue. While the current parallel model of combining live broadcasting, videos, and short-form content has brought her income through chat engagement and live streams, she acknowledges that it’s not conducive to spreading short videos effectively.

Furthermore, Laplace expressed her desire to create more videos and relieve the pressure of constant live streaming. As a result, she plans to shift her live broadcasts to the Twitch platform. However, she assured her audience that she would still maintain her usual linking process during streams.

Laplace has had a Twitch channel for quite some time, primarily focusing on playing shooting team battle games like “Special Forces.” Additionally, her contracts with various Japanese game manufacturers under Cover do not currently include the Twitch platform. Therefore, it is likely that Laplace’s future live broadcasts will continue to center around shooting games.

Nevertheless, Laplace clarified that this strategy change is an experimental solution and not a permanent decision. If the situation does not yield positive results, she remains open to returning to YouTube for live broadcasts.

Hololive’s Vtuber Lapras Darkness announced in a live broadcast today (12th) that he will change his strategy. In the future, the YouTube channel will mainly upload videos, while the live content will be moved to the Twitch platform.

Laplace said in the live broadcast that she had spoken to her agent, and that she hoped to get more views from shorts (short videos), and the operation told her that the live broadcast would affect the reach of short videos.

Laplace mentioned, in her mind, that the most important thing for her is the number of plays, the second is the number of subscriptions, and finally the money. The advantage of the current parallel model of live broadcasting + video + short video and audio is that it can get the income from great chat and the number of live broadcasts, but it is not conducive to the spread of short video and audio.

Laplace said she also wants to do more videos, and there is pressure to broadcast live all the time, so she will switch the live broadcast to the Twitch platform in the future, but if it needs to be linked, she will still be. do as usual.

Laplace opened a Twitch channel very early, mainly focusing on playing shooting team battle games like “Special Forces”. In addition, Cover’s contracts with many Japanese game manufacturers do not include the Twitch platform, so it may be conceivable that Laplace’s future live broadcast content will still focus on shooting games.

However, Laplace also said that this is the solution that is currently being tried, and it does not mean that it will always be done. If the situation is not good, it is not is ruling out returning to YouTube for a live broadcast.

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