Holstein Kiel 2-2 Bayern (Highlights)

Holstein Kiel 2-2 Bayern (Highlights)

Dev Be Phokal

Holstein Kiel 2-2 Bayern (Highlights): Defeated Bayern Munich champions are eliminated in a bid to turn expectations. With only a draw in a 2-2 match and taking a penalties against Holstein Kiel, the Liga 2 team scored a 6-5 penalty.

The Thaiger team would like to take you friends. Summary of important highlights in the battle of Def Be Phokal on Tuesday night.

Stadium: Holstein Stadion

  • 9th minute it was Bayern who got his first chance when Sergei Nabri hovered over the ball on the right side of the field. Before slipping into the penalty area, Thomas Muller caught the ball so badly came in to Joshua Kimmish’s feet and shot but the ball fell out.
  • The visiting team came to the lead in the 14th minute when Thomas Muller tackled the ball to try and score a goal, and the home goalkeeper Joannis Gelios came out to brush a bad ball into Sergna. Easy to put the ball into
  • The South Tigers almost got another goal in the 26th minute. The ball turns out to the right pole just a little bit.
  • Bayern also dropped another game in the 35th minute Joshua Kimmich threw a free kick on the right side of the field. The ball landed in the center of the penalty area, Zerg Nabri struck Chong and the 6-yard penalty area Thomas Muller stood alone, but the ball flew unbelievably over the crossbar.
  • But then it was Holstein Kiel to follow in the 37th minute draw, Janik Dehm opened a long ball from the back, the Finbartels ran off the offside trap before receiving the ball into the penalty area Escaping Manuel Neuer, the Tiger Dan South, entered the door. Finish the first half, tie 1-1

At the end of the first half, Holstein Kiel draws to Bayern Munich 1-1.

  • The second half started only 3 minutes. Bayern led the time as Leroy Sane had a free-kick stroke in front of the penalty area to the right. The ball flew over the wall into the beautiful net ceiling, the visiting team took 2-1 lead.
  • The host continues to fight in the 62nd minute, Yanik Dehm long spins a free kick in front of the left penalty area The ball turned away from the wall, the South Tiger players approached the door, but the goofy goalkeeper Manuel Neuer was able to catch him.
  • In the 66th minute, Jamal Musiela pulled the ball to the left. Decided to shoot outside the penalty area The ball ricochet, Holstein Kiel shin switched way, Joannis Gelios, the home team brushed the ball, checked the post after going
  • But then in a 90 + 5 injury period, Haquewahl, the defender, the home defense line went up, tackling the ball and tung the net for Holstein Kiel an incredible equalizer and had to go in for extra time.

Extra time is still at 2-2 into the penalty shootout as the Liga home two more than winning the former champion Bayern to go 6-5 through the next round.

Holstein Kiel won the penalty shootout to knock out the former champion.

List of players of both teams

Holstein Kiel (4-1-4-1) : Joannis Gelios, Yannik Dehm, Haukewahl, Stefan Thessker (Marco Comenda, p.80), Johannes Vanden Burke, Jonas Mevfert (Yannie-Luca Serran. 84), Joshua Messe (Fabian Reiz 77), Alexander Mühling (a. Karmet Aslan, n.84), Finn Porat (Niklas Haptmann n.77), Finbartels, Lee Jae-seong.

Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1) : Manuel Neuer, Bruno Sard (Benjamin Paward n.85), Niclas Züle, Lucas Ergndez, Alphonso Davis, Corentin Tolisso, Joshua Kimmish, Leroy Sane (Douglass Costa, n.74), Jamal Musiela (Robert Lewandowski, p.72 ), Serg Nabi (Mark Rogan.90 + 2), Thomas Muller

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