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Thursday, January 21, 2021, 13.31

BLCP provides automatic body temperature measurement.

BLCP provides automatic body temperature measurement. Do not touch type To protect against COVID-19, 70 units

BLCP continues the “Do with Social Care” project, offering 70 automatic body thermometers (infrared type) with stand, totaling 130,000 baht to government agencies. Health Service Center And 26 schools in the Map Ta Phut-Ban Chang municipality, Rayong Province, to measure and prevent the spread of COVID-19

20 January 2021 – Mr. Yuttana Charoenwong, Managing Director of BLCP Power Company Limited (BLCP), delivered 21 automatic body thermometers (infra-red type) with stand by the Governor of Rayong (Mr. Charn Na Iamsang) was honored as a delegate at the Government Center, Rayong Province. Various public health service centers Schools in the Map Ta Phut Municipality and Ban Chang, Rayong Province, with 49 machines, a total of 70 machines for government officials Medical and public health practitioners Have sufficiently used to measure fever Check the symptoms of personnel in the agency. And screening people who come to contact the government Including in the operation of checkpoints / extraction points, monitoring travelers And people who have behaviors at risk of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), especially in the Rayong province

In the past, during the COVID-19 pandemic period from early 2020 to the present, the Company has continuously delivered necessary items and encouragement to communities and workers in all sectors such as N95 masks. Face Shied cloths, alcohol gels and essential medical supplies. Including job creation and income for communities during the COVID-19 crisis. And most recently, from the situation in Rayong Province, it was declared as the most regulated area, the company is not complacent about the troubles that occur with every sector, the most important thing is encouragement and help to submit to each other. Another encouragement for all of us and Thailand to go through this COVID-19 crisis together. Together with the community and environment sustainably

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