Home loans increased by 4.2 trillion won in May… ”The impact of a significant increase in mortgage loans” |

[인포스탁데일리=박정도 전문기자] Bank household loans exceeded 4 trillion won in May. This is the biggest increase for 19 months.

This is due to the fact that home mortgage loans have increased significantly, focusing on those in their 20s and 30s, as the prediction that the real estate economy will recover is gaining momentum.

According to the financial market trends published by the Bank of Korea on the 9th, at the end of last month, the balance of bank home loans was 1056.4 trillion won, up 4.2 trillion won from a month ago.

It rose the most in 1 year and 7 months since October 2021 (an increase of 5.2 trillion won). This is mainly due to an increase in mortgage loans.

Home mortgage loans increased by 4.3 trillion won in May, surpassing the increase from the previous month (2.8 trillion won). The increase in mortgage loans is also the largest since October 2021 (4.7 trillion won).

With interest rates falling, the number of housing transactions is showing signs of recovery.

In fact, according to Seoul Real Estate Information Plaza, the number of apartment sales in Seoul last April recorded 3187.

After bottoming out at 559 in October last year, it rose every month to break through 3,000. Compared to 1,741 cases in April last year, the number has almost doubled.

The May trading volume also records 2498. Based on the contract date, the reporting period (within 30 days) continues, so the trading volume in May may increase further. However, the rate of progress is slowing.

Meanwhile, bank corporate loans also continued to rise sharply in May.

Bank corporate loans increased by 7.8 trillion won, the third largest increase in the same month since the previous breaking figures were written (June 2009).

In particular, loans to large corporations (an increase of 3.4 trillion won) increased significantly due to the demand for corporate operating funds and the demand for money to repay corporate bonds.

Reporter Park Jeong-do


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