Homeland trial ends on the 2nd of next month… First trial sentenced within this year at the earliest

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As the first trial of former Justice Minister Cho Kook, who was transferred to trial on charges of irregularities in his children’s entrance examination and ignoring the inspection, ends on December 2, a sentence is expected to be handed down within this year. at the earliest.

Criminal Agreement 21-1 of the Seoul Central District Court on December 2, three charges, including charges of refusing an examination of former Busan City Vice Mayor Yoo Jae-soo, charges of receiving bribes from former Busan Medical Center director Roh Hwan-joong in the name of a girl’s scholarship, and accusations of cheating on a child’s entrance exam. The last trial of former Minister Cho, who has been on trial for

On the 11th, the judges ended their arguments on the charge of ignoring the inspection, and on the 18th, on the charge of irregularities in their children’s entrance exam It is expected to go ahead.

Considering that the sentence is usually made three to four weeks after the end of the debate, the first trial sentence of former Minister Cho is expected to be presented at the end of December at the earliest, or in January next year after the court. break during the year-end and New Year holidays.

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