Homeplus introduced 152 types of ‘Mujik Tiger’ collaboration products

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Suyong Shin = Homeplus announced on the 31st that it will open a pop-up store that collects products in collaboration with the popular character MUZIKTIGER.

‘Unemployed Tiger’ is a concept brand that ‘supports all unemployed people in this era who are aiming for a free life where they can get away from work and do what they want’.

[사진=홈플러스] Reporter Suyong Shin = 2021.12.31

Character illustrations such as the tiger ‘Dongrangi’, as well as Fatji and Formi are gaining popularity among the MZ generation. In commemoration of the ‘Year of the Tiger’ Lim In-year (壬寅年) in 2022, Homeplus joined hands with Nara Homedeco, a licensing company for ‘Moojik Tiger’, to sell various products such as non-jik tiger bedding and stationery.

In particular, among Homeplus stores, Hapjeong, which has a high proportion of MZ generation customers, is selected to operate a pop-up store during the year-end and New Year holidays. The pop-up store will be operated at Homeplus Hapjeong in Seogyo-dong, Seoul until the 26th of next month. You can purchase 152 types of collaboration products, including non-woven tiger bedding products.

As this pop-up store is a promotion aimed at the MZ generation, Homeplus will also hold the ‘SNS Verification Shot Event’ for three days until the 2nd of next month.


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