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Hometown – Hilarious clip, “Good City Public Health Minister” hugs and kisses a young patient

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Monday, June 28, 2021, 09.08 a.m.

Hilarious clip, scandalous “Minister of Public Health, good city” hugs and kisses a young female assistant causing the need to resign from the emergency position

Video of Matt Hancock, Former Health Minister Hugs and kisses passionately with a female assistant. Leaked to the media, causing him to resign from his position. affect the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He was pictured kissing and hugging a female assistant he appointed to take on the role of health inspector. Eat the salary that comes from people’s tax. However, in the end, The prime minister also accepted his resignation on Saturday (June 26).

Hancock’s Resignation Attracting attention to return to the way to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic of the government led by Hancock, which in the early facing problems related to infection testing and lack of protective equipment While the UK is the official country of death from the novel coronavirus. one of the highest nations in the world

The Sun newspaper on Friday (June 25) released a picture of Hancock hugging and passionately kissing the female assistant last month. At a time when the country’s novel coronavirus advisory framework People were forbidden from hugging people other than family members. The media also posted a video of the video.

After the picture was released to the public Members of Congress, several of Hancock’s Conservative Party members. secret requests ask him to resign by saying that he could no longer support him After Hancock violated regulations to contain the spread of COVID-19 that he was a self-determined person

(Source: The Sun)

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