Honda F1 engine wins more than half of races after withdrawal announcement[]

Ironically, Honda’s F1 engine has won more than half of its races since its withdrawal was announced.

Max Verstappen’s 11th win of the season at last weekend’s Italian Grand Prix is ​​just two wins away from equaling the season record set by Michael Schumacher (2004) and Sebastian Vettel (2013).

If Max Verstappen wins the next F1 GP Singapore round and his rivals Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez finish bottom, the title may be confirmed there, but a more realistic scenario is a week later to win the title at Suzuka Circuit.

Securing the title at Suzuka Circuit, a track owned by Honda, and achieving the most wins of the season would mean a lot.

The power unit installed in Max Verstappen’s car is branded by Red Bull Powertrains, but is actually produced by HRC (Honda Racing Corporation).

Honda announced in October 2020 that it would withdraw from F1 for the 2021 season, but since then, Honda’s F1 hardware has become a winning power unit.

Honda F1 has won more than half (53.33%) of its races since the manufacturer announced its exit from F1 before the 2020 Eifel Grand Prix. Even if it doesn’t win the next three races, Honda has won half of the Grands Prix since leaving F1.

Max Verstappen’s victory in the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix was his 31st ever victory and placed him seventh on the all-time F1 race winners list, alongside Nigel Mansell.

Max Verstappen has also won five in a row, less than ten drivers have achieved. Lewis Hamilton, Nijal Mansell, Jim Clark and Jack Brabham have also won five in a row, while Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg and Alberto Ascari have won even longer. We have achieved a record.

A strong weekend continued for Red Bull Racing, with Max Verstappen’s team-mate Sergio Perez setting the ninth fastest lap, alongside Denny Hulme, Ronnie Peterson and Jacques Villeneuve.

At least Ferrari took pole position in their home race. Charles Leclerc also took pole position at Monza in 2019, but failed to win. His 17th pole position is equal to Max Verstappen and Jackie Stewart.

Nick de Vries scored two points after finishing ninth in his F1 debut with Williams. It rivals Williams’ best result of the season, set by Alexander Albon in Miami. Williams’ other driver, Nicholas Latifi, is yet to score any points, making him the only driver to do so in every race this year.

Before taking over Alexander Albon’s car in Practice 3, Nick de Vries had already driven an Aston Martin in Practice 1. He is thus the first driver to run a Grand Prix weekend with two different teams in the same weekend since Harald Ertl in the same race 44 years ago. , In the 1978 Italian GP F1, Ertl entered with Ensign during preliminary qualifying and switched to ATS during qualifying, but failed to qualify.

This is the second time Alpine has finished the race without points this year. Esteban Ocon finished 11th while Fernando Alonso retired. Alonso made his 349th start, tying Kimi Raikkonen for the record for the most appearances in F1 history. .

Zhou Guanyu’s one point was Alfa Romeo’s first point in seven races. This is the only point scored by the Ferrari customer team in the last five rounds.

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