“Honda LPGA Thailand 2022” prepares for a grand event. Ready to bring world-class golf pros to join

This week will continue with the Laguna Phuket Championship at Laguna Golf Phuket between Dec 2-5, winning a prize of US$ 1 million, or about 33 million baht. congested as before

Krisada Tanwilai, President of the Women’s Professional Golf Association Leading the team to organize a big battle for the end of the year “BGC Thailand LPGA Masters 2021” to win a total prize money of 4 million baht, with the champion receiving 6 hundred thousand baht, with 120 Thai and foreign pro girls joining the competition 1-3 This December at Panya Indra Golf Club (Course B-C)

While the world’s largest golf tournament in Thailand, “Honda LPGA Thailand 2022” has entered its 15th year and is preparing for a grand event. Ready to draw world-class golf pros to compete on 10-13 March 2022 at the Siam Country Club, Old Course, Pattaya, Chonburi Province, to win a total prize money of US$ 1.6 million, or approximately 53 million baht.

While golf closes the season of the Ladies European Tour “Andalusia Costa del Sol Open de Espana” in Spain halfway through “Pro China” Atthaya Thitikul, a Thai pro girl Tour number one is still 6 strokes behind the lead, having to accelerate in the final two laps. From now on, we will take a long break. before the start of the new season

Thana City Country Club, which has been in business for more than 30 years, is changing the surface of the green. By using Primo Zoysia grass instead of the old one and using the latest method. No need to close the field. Green surface will be more smooth. and has a faster speed It will be completed by the end of Dec.


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