Honda organizes a year-end promotion at the Motor Expo 2020

Honda motorcycles (Honda) pamper Thai bikers with a year-end special Organize a hot promotion to welcome the big event Motor Expo 2020, led by premium scooters like Forza350 (Forza 350) with a recommended price of 173,500 baht (for cash) or choose to receive a special interest of 5% per year. 3,687 baht, ready for free! Forza350 jacket, worth 1,200 baht

Followed by Honda ADV150 (Honda ADV 150), recommended price 98,500 baht, or get 0.9% interest per month, installments starting at only 3,387 baht, and get free immediately. Jersey design, only for ADV150 Limited Edition followers (A DVD 150 Limited Edition) worth 700 baht both in cash purchase and installment.


As for the real sports riders Meet the best sports car, Honda CBR250RR (Honda CBR250RR), full of technology from the race track, cash price of 249,000 baht or choose to installment starting from only 3,479 baht, special interest 3.95% per year, free !!! Registration + Act and insurance for a car lost for 1 year (worth 10,000 baht), but still not enough, still get a free gift voucher 25,000 baht, total value of free gifts over 35,000 baht

New CBR150R (New CBR150R) Sport car, a new look. Under the concept “Rise of the Race race racers Strong by birth. ”Cash price of only 99,700 baht or receive special interest 0.9% per month, comfortable payment for only 2,974 baht per month.

New Honda Grom (New Honda Grom) has a nice motorcycle, a cash price of 69,900 baht or get a special 1.39% interest per month, with a monthly installment of only 2,913 baht and get free! Tools Kit Box Set for installing a set of accessories. With a car worth 500 baht


In the large motorcycle Or Big Bike from Honda Bigwing that raised an army for the riders to get a glimpse of And occupied various versions of this event Led by a 500 Series sports car, model CB500F (CB500F), cash price 214,700 baht, or choose to installments starting from only 3,036 baht and get free! Free gift worth 32,000 baht

Popular 650 Series 4-cylinder sports car such as CB650R (CB650R), cash price 309,060 baht, receive an additional fuel coupon worth 25,000 baht and CBR650R (CBR 650R), cash price 324,260 baht, get more. Gift Voucher worth 23,000 baht, both models come with a special gift! Helmet KYT KR-1 Full Carbon worth 12,500 baht

End with a great value promotion of the year CBR1000RR SP (CBR 1000 RR, SP), cash price 885,850 baht, comes with a gift voucher worth up to 100,000 baht.

All this is a great deal. For those who have reserved and issued Honda motorcycles that are participating in the Motor Expo 2020 only, meet at the Honda motorcycle booth G12 at Challenger Impact, Muang Thong Thani from today – December 13 or follow more details at fans. Facebook page


Story by: Sudaporn Kraikaew
Photo provided by: Manufacturing Company
Online column: Business
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Published date: Sunday, December 13, 2020 at 15:00



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