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Honda rider raises the speed test, confident to win Superbike race 3

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“Honda Racing Thailand” raises a large army to test at Chang Stadium, Buriram Province, prepares for the battle of OR-BRIC Superbike, field 3 this weekend, while 3 riders “Mook Muklada Saraphut, “Champion” Passavich Thitiwararak and “Dream” Sittisak Onchawiang made their best time. 0.5 seconds faster than before, on the “Coach Film” Rattapak Wilairot pointed out that the work was more perfect. Confident in winning the Super Sport 600 cc model successfully.

The Thai motorcycle racing championship, the OR-BRIC Superbike Championship 2021, prepares for a speed duel on the 3rd field between 15-17 October at the Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province, by 3 Riders from Honda Racing Thailand, led by “Mook” Muklada Sanaphuet, a strong female rider number 44, “Champion” Phaswit Thitiwararak No. 123 and “Dream” Sittisak. Onchaweang No. 45 has produced excellent results in the first two races, having picked up a total of 4 podiums, helping the team to the top of the team championship table with a total of 72 points.

Most recently, the Honda Racing Thailand rider army and the team took a private test at Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province on Wednesday, October 13, to prepare for the 3rd race. which will take place this weekend

“Film” Ratthapark Wilairot, a former Thai favorite Moto2 rider who is currently serving as the head coach of Honda Racing Thailand, said, “We brought the team to test to prepare for the 3rd race. Which will be held this weekend because from the first 2 fields we still have some points that need to be fixed in order to fit as much as possible. Because this year we switched to a new racing car. So there must be improvements in every field.”

“The results of the test were very satisfying, the three riders greatly increased their confidence. Overall, everyone knows the details of the work well. Riding and cornering every corner But what we found was the in-depth detail that had to be worked on, which resulted in the trio reaching their best times 0.5 seconds faster,” said Coach Film.

In addition, Ratthaphak also said about the readiness for the 3rd field competition, saying, “After the first 2 fields, various information has made great progress in our work. Until yesterday’s test we were able to correct the weaknesses we had from both races. I believe we will continue to fight for the podium. After grabbing the podium, ranked 2-3 for two consecutive races. I think the third field will be our chance to win.”

The three Honda Racing Thailand riders are scheduled to attend the official rehearsal program on Friday, October 15, before qualifying on Saturday 16 and the final on Sunday. This October 17 at Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province, as always, you can follow the news of Honda riders on Facebook fan page Race to the Dream: https://www.facebook.com/ HondaRacingTeamTH

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