[Honda Step WGN New]High-quality interior … Spada[31 photos]| Response (

HondaOn the 7th, the new “Step WGNThe design and outline of the product was announced in advance at the Japan premiere held online. “# Nice living” was set as the grand concept of product planning, and two types, “Step WGN Spada” and “Step WGN Air”, were developed.

In terms of design, the Step WGN Spada, which has a design that feels fearless and stylish, and the Step WGN Air, which has a simple and familiar design, have different world views.

The interior of the new Step WGN was developed with the intention of making you feel at home and free space where you can find new ways to use it. The Step WGN Spada aims for a high-quality interior space with dark-tone colors that give a stylish impression.

The official announcement and release of the new Step WGN Spada is scheduled for the spring of 2022.



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