Honey J Kimchi complete 3 menus in a single bowl… My hidden cooking skills are revealed, Nahonsan


‘I Live Alone’ Honey J holds a ‘Kimchi Party’. Honey J is attracting attention as it is said that he has risen to the ‘Honey Janggeum’ by showing off his high-level cooking skills, such as dribbling three gas ranges at the same time and adjusting the seasoning without measuring.

Honey J’s hidden cooking skills will be revealed on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, which will be aired on the 21st.

Honey J’s hidden cooking skills are finally revealed. Honey J gained a lot of attention with a simple recipe for ‘Chojang Kimbap’ that added seasoned laver and vinegar to instant rice through ‘Nahonsan’ last November. This time, he plans to show off his high-level cooking skills by creating ‘steamed’ home-cooked menus rather than simple meals.

Honey J shouts, “Have a kimchi party today!” and takes out his favorite ingredients that he has kept deep in the refrigerator and steals his attention. Honey J’s cooking cheats stimulate curiosity by saying that they prepared three ‘special menus’ based on kimchi with a single deliciously ripe ‘Mom’s Kimchi’.

In particular, Honey J is cooking three different menus on three gas stoves at the same time, drawing admiration. Even the cooking tools are different, with pots, pots, and frying pans. While the difficulty of cooking is expected to be considerable, the simultaneous dribbling of three gas stoves that only ‘home-cooked masters’ can do, raises expectations.

The completed Honey J’s ‘Kimchi Party’ table is filled with mouth-watering ‘red flavor’ and is expected to shoot down the salivary glands of viewers. At this time, Honey J’s unique taste is captured and robbed of attention. The shocking (?) ‘eating tip’ of dipping vinegar before kimchi was released. Honey J said, “I eat greasy food with vinegar. I eat pork cutlet with soy sauce,” he said, raising curiosity by telling the reason why people must bring soy sauce with every meal.

On this day, Honey J is expected to show the end of an ‘all-round entertainer’ by revealing every hidden talent besides dancing and cooking. After finishing the meal, Honey J breathes new life into a pile of clothes, and even ‘this’ is done by hand, and it is expected to induce a large number of viewers.

Meanwhile, Honey J’s kimchi cooking party in ‘Honey Jang Geum’ can be seen through ‘I Live Alone’, which will be broadcast at 11:10 pm on the 21st.

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