Honey J Side “The groom’s age, occupation, and personal life cannot be confirmed” [공식입장]

The dancer Honey J, who announced the news of the marriage, said, “It is difficult to confirm the facts” about the report regarding the identity of the future groom.

On the 22nd, Honey J’s agency, Morevision, told iMBC Entertainment, “It is difficult to confirm information about the artist’s private life.” Earlier on this day, media reported that Honey J’s husband-to-be is a model born in 1997, ten years younger than her.

Honey J announced on his Instagram on the 15th that he was getting married, saying, “I met a person who made me want to dream of a future together with the person who values ​​love the most, and make a promise for the rest of my life . life.”

About the groom-to-be, Honey J said, “He always thinks of me first and is full of consideration and love. I hope we live well together for a long, long time.”

Honey J surprised fans with the news of her pregnancy. “New life has come,” he said. “I will try to welcome this precious and small life, which has taught me the joy that cannot be expressed in words, with love and sincerity.”

Meanwhile, Honey J, the leader of the dance crew Holy Bang, won Mnet’s entertainment program ‘Street Woman Fighter’ last year.

Baek Seung-hoon / photo courtesy of Mnet

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